Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

WordPress could be perfect

A wonderful bouquet of flowers. WordPress is an awesome platform for building all kinds of amazing websites, no doubt. According to WordPress “42% of the web is built on WordPress.” That’s a crazy big number.

There are times I wish I had the chops and the time to turn WordPress into a headless API that generated static HTML. I know, I know, folks think I’m nuts for my constant harping on this idea. But I like static sites. That’s why the rebirth of this site is running on, it spits out raw HTML.

WordPress already exposes two API’s that could serve as the headless part I’m after. A lot of tools use those API’s today. But how about a simple, get out of the way, editor? I mean one devoid of all the administrative stuff needed to properly operate a WordPress site? An editor purpose built for writing. Yes, yes, keep the current admin site, we’ve already established it’s needed.

Next create a layer on top of the entire WordPress engine that publishes content when it’s published to the backend. This is where quite a bit of time could be spent to make my perfect system.

Heh, in the end what would you get? You’d get with a WordPress backend.

Hey, WordPress, how about you buy and get Manton to build this perfect blogging tool on top of WordPress as a backend?