Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Apple Event - September 2021

Red sock.It’s no secret I’m an iOS Developer and have been since late 2008. But, I’m definitely not in the pundit class, fanboi class, or must have the newest thing class of Apple fandom.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those classes of people. Some folks just really love Apple products and have to have the new hotness. Let folks be happy I say.

Two of Apple’s latest products caught my eye and that little monster inside me that says ”Rob, you have to get these things” reared its ugly head. I haven’t bought these things, mind, I just want them.

iPad Mini

I still have a first generation iPad Mini. It’s a perfect device for my needs. I love reading on it. It’s also good for watching movies. The battery life and weight are amazing. The thing is super thin. I absolutely love it.

Question is, will I love this new design as much as the first gen? I’d imagine it’s going to be a bit thicker and heavier, not that those items are super concerning, but worth noting.

The new industrial design is absolutely gorgeous in my book. I’m a big fan of the squared borders. No surprise there. I still believe the iPhone 4 was the best iPhone design ever.

The display also looks like a real winner. Heck, anything is going to look amazing compared to my first gen.

Yes, I want one.

Apple Watch Seven

I’m still wearing First Generation Apple Watch. Notice a theme here? I keep my stuff for a long time. I wear it everyday and it’s served me well. I can no longer upgrade the OS but, so far, all the apps I use still operate just fine.

I really dig the curved display effect. Plus, it’s new, and I’d like an upgrade. Honestly an Apple Watch Four, or newer, would be just fine for me. I could probably find an older model for much less. I’d even take a refurb with a protection plan.

All that said I have to believe the latest Apple Watch would blow me away if I used it for a bit.

Yes, I want one.

Buy Them!

Hey, slow your roll a bit. Here’s another thing you have to understand about me. I have a very difficult time spending that kind of money on myself. There is always something more important in our life we need to spend that money on. Wether it’s a new Air Conditioning unit, fridge, or dishwasher, it’s always something. And, yes, we’ve replaced all of those in less than a years time.

When I released RxCalc in 2009 and Stream in 2020 I had high hopes each could earn me $50-$100 a month. Boy, was I way too confident. When the day comes that I can earn that kind of cheddar from my apps I will feel a lot better about buying new hardware. Until then I will hope my lovely wife and girls decide to gift me with one. Like they did with my Apple Watch.


A wonderful bouquet of flowers.I do have plans to improve Stream by adding support for Mac and continuing to improve the experience over time. I’m just very slow so, please, bear with me.