Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Microsoft .NET Shenanigans

Duct Tape, fixer of all things!Jason Bock via Twitter: ”The underlying events that caused this to happen (or at least that what it seems like is going on) is what’s really troubling. Can .NET devs, who care about OSS, say from now on, ‘we trust MS to do the right thing?’”

This is something worth keeping an eye on. I haven’t written any Windows code in a few years now but why Microsoft would retard their wonderful .NET runtime for the sake of Visual Studio is beyond me.

Visual Studio is a fantastic IDE for development on Windows.

VS Code is a baby brother. Why the two cannot co-exist is beyond my comprehension.

They created an accidental behemoth in VS Code. It’s awesome. It’s cross platform. Devs love it. I have a friend who is a Linux C++ developer and raging emacs fanatic. He switched to VS Code because it ran everywhere and he had a nice build process setup he could run within the editor.

As for Visual Studio. If I were doing professional C++ or C# development on Windows it would, hands down, be my dev environment. It’s just too good to walk away from. The full integration, dare I say IDE, is too full featured to not use it. It’s the best tool for the job in my opinion.

In fact, it will be the IDE I use for the Windows Version of Stream when the time comes. I want that awesome C++ compiler, debugger, and the integration with C# and .NET.

Maybe it’s a lesson for Microsoft. Maybe Visual Studio should be FREE?

I get Xcode for free on the Mac. It’s also a great IDE for doing native work on the platform. It’s the IDE I’ve been using to creat Stream’s Cross Platform C++ Framework.

Maybe Microsoft should adjust their strategy? Charge $99.00 year for a developer program that includes access to a version of Visual Studio Community Edition that 100% supports C++ and C#/.NET development and no other languages. Oh, and it allows you to publish Desktop apps.

It’s all I need, it would put money in Microsoft’s hands, and perhaps allow them to make .NET fully featured?