Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Apple Unleashed Event

Apple Music Voice

Horrible, terrible, no good, rotten idea.

Look, Steve Jobs, famously, told the CEO of DropBox what they had was a feature, not a product. That’s what Apple Music Voice is. It’s just a feature they should include as part of your Apple Music Subscription.

Rating: Turd 💩

HomePod Mini

New colors are always a welcome addition to Apple products.

Rating: Winner 👍🏼


Apple has a winner of a product here. I don’t have anything more to say on the matter.

Rating: Winner 👍🏼

MacBook Pro

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about anything in the announcement except the MacBook Pro offerings.

Boy-o-boy did they deliver.

14in and 16in choices in a variety of configurations to fit all kinds of needs. Wow!

I’ll bet a fully loaded MacBook Pro M1 Max is going to smoke most Mac Pro configurations.

Rating: Winner 😍

Closing Thoughts

Yes, every fiber in my body wants a 16in, 64GB RAM, M1 Max 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, and a 2TB SSD. I mean, why the heck not! Go big or go home, right?

As it is I won’t be purchasing this dream machine or anything like it for a while. I’ll be sticking with my trusty old 15in 2015 MacBook Pro for the foreseeable future.

Who knows, maybe I’ll hit that big lottery win, then I’ll buy that laptop configuration and a Pro Display XDR. 😃


I love color. It’s a real puzzle why Apple insists on giving us two choices of color; silver and gray. That’s just boring.

Look, I’m a Pro, right? I love me some color. My iPhone 11 is purple and I just love to look at it. If Apple would offer an orange one I’d be all over it.

I wish Apple would give us Pro computers with those lovely rainbow colors on the new iMac’s. They’re gorgeous.