Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Aaron Rodgers, Dumbass

CNN: ”While talking with McAfee on his SiriusXM show, the three-time MVP repeated some Covid-19 misconceptions and said he has conferred with podcast host Joe Rogan on how to deal with a coronavirus infection.”

I mean, who could give better advice about fighting COVID than Joe Rogan? It’s so wise of Rodgers to ignore Infectious Disease specialists, like Anthony Fauci, and get advice from a podcast host. Makes perfect sense.

Guess we now know Rodgers is part of the Q nuts or the modern day GOP that worships the ground his orangeness walks on.

I’m not part of a woke mob, Mr. Rodgers. I’m also not part of a conspiracy theory loving political party that turned a deadly virus into a political thing.

Rodgers ignoring actual doctors for Rogan is as smart as Rogan being the starting QB for the remainder of the Packers season.

All the best, Mr. Rodgers. I hope you don’t feel any long term effects and have a long healthy life.