Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

DIY Podcast

A wonderful bouquet of flowers.Bloomberg: “The Obamas are each willing to commit to appearing in an eight-episode program, which for some bidders isn’t enough of a commitment to justify a deal comparable to those for shows like “SmartLess,” “Call Her Daddy” and “My Favorite Murder.” Those shows appear weekly, or with a frequency to close to that, while Higher Ground’s programs featuring the Obamas have been limited series.”

This is kind of a no brainer to me. You don’t need much to produce your own podcast and sell ads.

Hire a couple people and get to recording. Seriously, it really is that simple.

A couple good mics, recording software for your Mac or PC, a quiet room, and something to talk about.

There. You have a podcast.

As for ads. I’d bet folks would line up to give you money for a few ad reads.

I can hear it now! President Obama doing a read for ED meds!

Instant hit.