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Rob Fahrni

Saturday Morning Coffee

Puck News: “While Zaslav and his team were quietly signaling their desire to pump the brakes on CNN+, sources familiar with the matter said, Kilar told Zucker and Morse—and, in the final weeks, just Morse—to proceed apace for launch in Q1 2022. He seemed to believe, some said, that if he could force CNN+’s launch before the merger, it might actually get a chance to fly.”

One. Month. In. Everyone involved must be reeling. Scott Galloway had a show on CNN+ and he’s been so quiet about the whole deal, which is really surprising given how vocal Professor Galloway can be.

UPDATE: Saw this after posting.

In the end there’s not much to tell, I suppose. One brand wanted a separate streaming service, the new parent didn’t.

Freaking Rectangle: “A typical coding interview starts out something like this: “Write a function that reverses letter order of words in a string.” Then for the next half hour or more, the candidate scratches out something on the white board (or a shared text document if they are lucky). This approach is weak for a number of reasons”

I really like this idea. Writing code on a whiteboard or in a text document is super stressful. I absolutely hate it, truth be told.

Actually looking at a hunk of code and doing what amounts to a code review feels really nice to me. When I interviewed at WillowTree, part of the process was reviewing a pull request. Knowing how you interact with other folks on your team through a code review can be very telling, not only from a technical perspective, but speaks loads about how you treat and interact with others.

Can you review a hunk of code and keep ego and opinion out of it, while teaching and showing empathy? That’s critically important. Building people up, not tearing them down, is a gift.

TL;DR - If you’re a dick in your PR comments, I don’t want to work with you.

TechCrunch: “Twitter says the idea to feature the Toolbox apps on its platform came from its discussions with the developer community. Developers told the company they wanted to improve users’ experience on Twitter, and, more critically, they wanted distribution so people were aware of their product.”

Twitter has a lot to make up for. In 2012 Twitter decided it hated developers of client applications.

This doesn’t feel like it’s built for client code as much as it is for folks who want to integrate into Twitter. That’s not a bad thing.

I hope they allow client developers to go deep with their new v2 API’s.

Raw Story: “On Thursday, writing for POLITICO, Kyle Cheney outlined how the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol have already dropped “bombshells” about the events of that day and the state of U.S. democracy — even before they deliver their final report.”

We’re really gonna kill democracy. I have no idea how to fix all the damage done by the GOP and TFG.

TechCrunch: “Brian Armstrong, the chief executive of Coinbase, believes Apple’s App Store rules have hampered the company’s product roadmap, accusing the iPhone-maker of banning features from their app and generally not being friendly with the cryptocurrency industry.”

What could a phone need to make it better for crypto currency?

I can’t imagine Apple doing anything specifically for it until it is as accepted as the coin of the realm.

Building a special phone seems like a more likely outcome. Let them build one or two on top of Android and see how it goes.

Early days.

The Cut: “Fuentes, now 20, says she and Daisy De La O had been inseparable ever since they met as high-school freshmen in Huntington Park, just outside Los Angeles, where they grew up. By the time she posted the emotional montage, it had been more than three months since 19-year-old De La O had been found stabbed to death and wrapped in a roll of carpet outside her Compton apartment complex.”

Such a sad story. Our government institutions fail us and folks find a way.

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