Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Saturday Morning Coffee

Like usual I have so many things in my read later queue it was difficult to sort out what to share. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy sharing it. 🧡

Jerry Fahrni: “While most of my jobs have been forgettable, three stand out as my favorites. Why? Hard to say. Each had something unique to offer that I have been unable to replicate elsewhere. In no particular order, here they are:”

I love my brother. He’s one of the smartest, driven, most athletic, tough, loyal, people you’ll ever meet. He likes to win, whatever that means to him. It’s engrained in him. When he was a kid he was a great student, why? Because he enjoyed being at the top of his class. It was winning. No, he didn’t rub it in people’s faces. He’s also a pretty quiet man.

I could tell you story after story about Jay, or Jerry as is his birth name, but I just don’t have the patience to write that story today. Needless to say, I consider him quite accomplished, and I’m a fan.

This piece doesn’t surprise me. He’s very self deprecating, to a fault, but he honestly believes what he says about himself. So, if you can get past the opening parapraph, this is a really good piece about his favorite jobs over the past 25-years.

I also really appreciate his writing style and wish I could write as well as he does. It’s a true gift. I think he’d be happiest writing for a living. He’s written a ton of blog post about all kinds of things, but mostly about tech in the pharmacy space. He’s written a self published book about Pharmacy Clean Rooms and he has some unplublished works about other things, including his thoughts on building strength in the gym.

I’d love to see him get a job at a well respected newspaper or start writing fiction. He’s always been a great story teller. It’s why we always made him be Dungeon Master when we’d play D&D as teens. 😀

The Guardian: “Perhaps a different way of approaching the question would be to ask: What kind of country do you want to live in? One in which every individual is free to make decisions concerning his or her health and body, or one in which half the population is free and the other half is enslaved?”

The entirety of this leak about the overturning of Roe vs. Wade has me in knots. I cannot believe it may actually happen, in 2022. Haven’t we had enough bad news since 2016? Guess not. The GOP has always been the party of cruelty. They want to control people at all costs.

If you don’t believe they’re coming for your rights, think again. They want an authoritarian government.

Steve Beschloss: I don’t like liars. I don’t like them when they’re elected to political office. And I surely don’t like them when they lie to land a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.”

There are two things in life I cannot abide; Liars and Bullies. Five Supreme Court justices lied to get on the court. Five.

Ged Maheux: “Legal scholars are already predicting if the right to privacy goes, which Row is based on, then same sex intimacy, interracial marriage, contraception and more will also be made illegal in Republican controlled states.”

Yep. Ged understands what’s at stake. Take a bully that loves to lie and sprinkle in hate and being a control freak and what do you get? The GOP.

Jim Ray: “I’m probably just not as plugged as I perhaps once was, but it seems like we don’t get good writerly blogs any more. Maybe that’s more an extenstion of we just don’t get any good blogs anymore.”

I love reading Jim. He is a great writer and I wish he’d do more of it. Maybe with Social Networks becoming a bit of a shit show these days more folks will dust off their editors and write more on their personal blogs.

I love reading blogs so much I made my own feed reader. Shameless self promotion time: Get Stream. I think it’s pretty decent for a 1.0 release.

Barn Finds: “The Karmann Ghia was a sports car marketed by VW as a 2+2 coupe from 1955-74. Internally known as the Type 14, some of the mechanical bits of the Karmann Ghia was borrowed from the VW Beetle with styling by Carrozzeria Ghia (Italy) and hand-built bodywork by coachbuilder Karmann (Germany).“

I’m not really a car guy, but I could become one if I had the time, money, and room to work on old finds like this Karmann Ghia. I’ve always wanted to restore a car from the ground up. I’d also love to do a full electric conversion of an old rig. “No, these studios aren’t suddenly flipping the streaming switch to off, nor should they. Streaming remains the potential growth engine, and the future of the industry. But for certain titles, the streaming-vs-theatrical debate has taken a turn. Like maybe Pixar’s Turning Red should have generated a few hundred million bucks for Disney, and then become a huge hit on Disney+, just like Encanto did.”

Streaming has finally hit a bit of a snag. Netflix of all places has lost a lot of its value recently and it sounds like they’re going to pull back some of their production as a result. I personally don’t like the idea of it. I’d love to see higher quality content. Big movies. Better documentaries.

My favorite streaming platform as of this writing is HBO Max. They’ve given us great original content and have been running blockbuster movies before anyone else. The Batman being a prime example. Which, by the way, is better the second time. Loved it.

Tech Community - Microsoft: “Microsoft’s upgrade to Windows 11 is largely considered the smoothest we’ve ever had. The Microsoft Digital Employee Experience team was able to upgrade 190,000 employee devices in just five weeks. We learned a lot so, in this post, I’m sharing our learnings with you to help with your deployment journey.”

I don’t use Windows at all these days. It’s not that I hate it or anything, I actually think it’s a wonderful operating system with leadership that actually loves developers. Windows has carried around so much backward compatible baggage for so long I feel like Windows 11 could be the right choice for me going forward if I ever get around to installing it. I’d still love to write some cross platform C++ to underpin Stream so I can have iOS, Mac, and Windows versions. 😀

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