Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

COVID, Day Two

Watch out! It's a blog fly!I feel largely the same as yesterday. Here’s a list of my symptoms.

  1. Achy
  2. Headache behind my eyes
  3. Dry Cough
  4. Runny Nose
  5. Really Tired
  6. Brain Fog

No fever - at least none I’ve recorded. My lungs ache from coughing so much. I managed to get some rest after taking some Tylenol and NyQuil. I was surprised I slept so well to be perfectly honest.

Day One

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like crap. I figured it was all the events I’d been attending at our company on-site this week. Boy, was I wrong.

I went to breakfast with some coworkers unaware I was a walking virus factory. Had a wonderful breakfast, came home, still felt crummy so I decided to take a PTO day.

Around 1PM I decided it was a good idea to take a COVID test because our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren were coming for a visit on Saturday. At that instant I was confident I was in the clear. I figured it was just severe allergies and being tired.

I read the test directions, did what it said, swabbed my nose, dropped it in the provided vile, and squeezed four drops into the tester.

It lit up in less than 30 seconds, in fact, mere seconds after the fourth drop hit the color was already starting to change.

Yes, I have COVID.

I reached out to our HR team, my branch leadership, my team, and anyone else I could think of I’d been in contact with.

I called the restaurant and the local coffee shops I’d visited during the week.

Here’s hoping I didn’t infect anyone. I think the chances of that are pretty slim. 😔