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Mac Ventura Support

Red sock.Macworld: “There will no doubt be a few Mac users who are disappointed by that list. Many of the Macs that are not supported by Ventura were still being sold by Apple until quite recently. The 2014 Mac mini was sold until 2018, the ‘trash can’ Mac Pro until 2019, and the 2017 MacBook Air was sold until July 2019. We had thought that Apple wouldn’t remove those Macs from the supported list, since people might have purchased the model such a short time ago.”

No doubt indeed.

When I went to install macOS Monterey on my 2015 MacBook Pro, it failed. Turns out when I bought my used MacBook I didn’t know the original SSD had been upgraded. Apparently some sort of hardware check is performed and if the hardware isn’t all Apple original the OS wouldn’t install. That’s fine, time marches on.

I figured this year my 2015 MacBook Pro would fall off the list of supported hardware, and it has.

I was surprised to see how aggressive Apple is being about supporting older hardware.

This time around the 2015 and 2016 models were dropped.

We’re now left with 2017, 2018, and 2019 Intel based Macs. See where I’m going?

At this deprecation rate we may only have two years of Intel based support on new OS versions.

Ouch. 🤕