Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

COVID, Day Four

I think I’m getting better. My eyes feel better today. I know that may sound like no big deal but it was really bothering me how much they hurt.

My head is less foggy this morning, that feels rather nice.

I’m still really tired, even after a good nights rest and my cough persists.

My lower back seems to hurt more today than yesterday. I wonder if that’s because I’m feeling slightly better in other ways and I’m noticing my back pain more? Could be.

I still fee pretty wiped out. When I stand I’m a bit dizzy and still have that out of body experience feeling, but it’s not as bad.

Still no fever. That makes me wonder if I had a fever in the days prior to feeling miserable? Who knows?

I think I’ll get outside today and sit in the fresh air.