Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

What if Texas secedes?

Eat your own dog food.Think about the repercussions of that. I can’t fathom everything that would change for folks in the new Republic of Gilead.

All connections with the United States would have to be severed for a period of time.

All government run services would be shuttered.

Any military bases would have to be closed permanently, equipment, and personnel reassigned.

Any companies operating in Texas would have to decide if they’d like to stay. If they do then they have to wait for negotiations between the United States and their new country to work out trade agreements.

If they decide to move, all that equipment and people, if they choose to go, all have to move to some new location.

What about friends and family? Potentially separated for an extended period of time, perhaps forever if agreements cannot be worked out with the US.

All services provided by US companies would have to halt.

Any transportation companies based on Texas would have to get out unless they wanted to stay.

Universities would have to work with the government to establish agreements for students to come into the country for their education. Would that education be worth anything in the United States, if folks wanted jobs in the US.

Agreements for resources and water rights would have to be negotiated.

All Texas representatives would be removed from their government posts and returned to Texas.

The United States would be well within its rights, unless otherwise negotiated, to raze any buildings and sell any properties owned by the government. Razing seems the most likely outcome. I wouldn’t want to provide Gilead with military bases. I’d strip them clean.

That’s just my naive take on the matter. It would be such a terrible outcome for the entirety of the United States. That includes Texans. They’d become a third world country almost overnight.

Texas is becoming a safe haven for the radical right. The MAGA crowd loves them some guns and loves to make women’s lives complete hell.

They really want to be Gilead.