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Rob Fahrni

Saturday Morning Coffee

My wife Kim and daughter Taylor drove from Virginia to California this week. I admit I’m really jealous about the whole thing. I love that drive and would’ve happily done it again.

Lately the news in the good ole US of A has been a complete garbage fire. Mass shootings at Fourth of July celebrations, Women’s right to choose being stripped, and an ever widening gap between political parties are disheartening.

I still believe we’re on the edge of a knife. One wrong move and we fall into Civil War.

I know it may feel like voting is worthless, but it’s not. It’s the most important civic duty we have in this country.


Chicago Tribune: ”On an idyllic summer morning, from a rooftop high above the Highland Park Independence Day parade, a gunman aimed down at the floats and lawn chairs and strollers and opened fire.”

No, it’s not the weapon! Clearly this person has mental issues. Right?

WRONG! Clearly someone who takes a high powered rifle to an event and starts firing on the crowd has issues.

It’s access to the AR-15 that’s the problem. Ban them!

Sorry gun lovers. It’s time to get serious about gun ownership in America. Time for laws restricting who can purchase a weapon. Time for background check and a responsible NRA. Time for a lot of change.

Robert Reich: ”An increasing number of Republicans are openly pushing to turn America into a theocracy.”

I am 100% behind anyone practicing their religion; Jew, Muslim, Christian, whatever. As a Nation we are guaranteed that right.

What we do not need is a National Religion. Keep it out of politics and our laws.

There has, at times, been a huge moral panic over Sharia Law. How is having Christian Law any different?

Remember, separation of Church and State. That’s the ticket.

Evan Lee: “When I say ‘cloud computing’, your mind may immediately jump to huge names like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure. My brain certainly did when searching for a home in the clouds for one of my personal projects. Here’s my journey navigating the internet to find that just-right Cloud Computing Platform.”

Interesting read if you’re a hobbyist developer or building a product with the need for a backend service.

At one time it was easy enough to build something that ran on the desktop to do amazing work. Now serious software almost always needs some sort of scaling backend service and it’s darned expensive.

I’d personally love to have a backend service for Stream that handled fetching and stripping web pages down to their basic content, but I can really afford to do it. So, in the end, I’ll be adding that capability to the client side itself.

If you are considering a host for a backend service go read the article. It’s informative.

Oh, and Lee, if you read this I’d encourage you to get your own domain and put all of your content there. You can still cross post to Medium but you need to own this content. Medium can put your work behind a paywall and that’s no good for your articles.

NPR: ”LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally resigned as leader of the Conservative Party under heavy pressure from lawmakers in his own party. His resignation caps a remarkable political career filled with highs, lows and almost too many scandals to count.”

The only thing I really know about Boris Johnson is he’s seen as the UK version of our own bafoon, Donald Trump. Ick.

Here’s hoping England all the best! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Fresnoland: ”Roughly two years after the Fresno City Council approved mobile showers and restrooms for the unhoused community, the city’s first mobile shower trailer is up and running.”

Like many cities in America, Fresno has a large homeless population.

While I often wish I had the power to wave a wand and fix it I’m ultimately naive to all factors contributing to homelessness.

I’m happy to see Fresno doing something to help.

Vox: ”Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, seen here in 2016, was assassinated while campaigning for a candidate in Nara, Japan, on July 8.”

This is horribly tragic for Japan and the world.

I’ve feared political assassinations happening here in the United States for a few years now. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that. 🙏🏼

The assault on women in our country continues. Women have been warning of tragic deaths as a result of overturning Roe v. Wade. Sadly, it’s happening.

Tech Crunch: ”According to a new report from The Washington Post that relies heavily on anonymous sources, the world’s richest man is still looking for a way out of a $44 billion deal of his own making.“

The worlds richest man and biggest troll is now trying to get out of a deal he decided didn’t need due diligence before making it.

He really messed up and he knows it. I hope Twitter gets every dime they’re due for him leaving the deal or a Delaware court enforcing it.

Oh, Mr. Musk, I still have if you’d like to buy it. I’ll sell it to you for a fat donation to Planned Parenthood? Say, a million bucks?

Variety: James Caan, whose indelible, Oscar-nominated performance as Sonny Corleone, the recklessly hotheaded son of Marlon Brando’s Mafia don in “The Godfather,” is sure to be remembered as long as there are gangster movies, died on Wednesday, his family announced in Twitter. He was 82.”

Every once in a while I search for an older move from the 70’s or 80’s to watch. I particularly like movies with James Caan or Gene Hackman. Recently I rewatched Thief from 1981. Great film.

I know he was brilliant in the The Godfather and Elf but my favorite Caan film is Misery.


I wish David Rothkopf would keep a personal blog where he’d write freely like he does on Twitter.

This is a long thread worth a read regarding politicians and the DC establishment.

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