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Rob Fahrni

Saturday Morning Coffee

Spicy Mexican CoffeeOm: ”Okay, I didn’t mean to be so dramatic. Or use a clickbait headline, but in reality, what used to be Instagram is now dead.”

It sounds like a lot of folks are really disappointed with Instagram today. But what should you expect from Facebook? All of their products are built to leverage you, the user, as a revenue generation machine. They inject ads into your stream hoping for that click, they bombard you with people they think you should follow, and they chase every new trendy application related to images or video.

Instagram has turned into the worlds biggest A/B test. A playground for trends.

I still have my account but I stopped posting to it. I started posting my pictures to my blog. I mean, why not? It’s public, I don’t need to worry about Instagram bugging me to follow others, and there are no ads.

Bottom line, own your content.

Alberto Betella: ”One of the reasons why Anchor, and later Spotify, flourished in the podcasting industry is the open nature of podcasts. RSS was key to the success of podcasting because it addressed a potentially complex challenge with a very simple solution. RSS empowered the podcasting industry so everyone could focus on what really mattered: creating great content and building the best user experience.”

All the more reason places like Spotify shouldn’t call their short form audio stuff podcasting. As far as I know you can only get their premium audio through their app. Part of the joy of open formats is being able to use any application you’d like to discover and play your favorite podcasts.

This is telling coming from one of the engineers on the original iOS development team. Heck, the man is responsible for the iOS keyboard I’m using to type this post.

Perhaps someday Apple will make sweeping changes to the App Store to cull out all the scammy apps and help real, bonafide, app developers flourish. You know, the indies, the folks that put so much care into the apps you love and use everyday.

htmx: ”REST must be the most broadly misused technical term in computer programming history.”

This was an eye opening read. I always understood websites and HTML as the prime example of REST. What I didn’t understand is to be truly REST means the format has to be self describing. Most developers receive data from an API in the form of JSON which are usually not self describing. Applications have built in knowledge of the thing they expect to receive and have code that understands how to use and display the data.

But it doesn’t matter to me if everything I’ve built isn’t REST. It’s completely reasonable and pragmatic to have services that return data specific to their intended use and have apps purpose built to display and interact with that data.

If we went around writing self describing JSON from every service we use we’re just building another form of web browser and we already have those.

Pragmatism wins.

This is a really neat thread about how nuclear fuel is stored.

Hawaii Reporter: ”Spam is considered solely lower class food in almost every other state. Ask any Hawai‘i local if they like spam, and he will either 1) give you stink eye and assume you’re a tourist for asking the question, or 2) at some point in his answer mention how good the 7-11 spam musubis or Zip-pac are.”

One could say we didn’t exactly have a lot of money when I was kid. We had a lot of ground beef and Spam, and I honestly still love the stuff to this day. You can put it in or on anything and it works. I like it with eggs, in breakfast burritos, on a sandwich, and prepared as Spam musubi at my favorite Hawaiian food joint.

The stuff is delicious, I’m moving to Hawaii. 🤤

CNN: ”California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed a bill into law that allows private citizens to bring civil action against anyone who manufactures, distributes, transports or imports assault weapons or ghost guns, which are banned in the state.”

I guess if Texas can make terribly cruel laws around Womens health care California can do something similar (although not cruel) to help quell the gun violence we have in our nation.

Not to mention being a safe heaven for womens reproductive rights.

Governor Newsom for President. 🇺🇸

Super funny thread of the same people are lazy commentary through the years.

Each generation seems to think their generation was tougher, harder working, than the next.

Gen X is definitely the toughest, hardest working, of them all. That’s just fact. 🧌

The Verge: ”Welcome to this week’s edition of This Week in Chancery Court! Delaware’s moment in the sun continues as the fight between Elon Musk and Twitter shifts from fiery tweets… to fiery legal filings.”

It really does seem that Mr. Musk will have to either pay $54.20 per share or will face some monster penalty somewhere between $1B and $20B, depending on the difference in stock price from today to his $54.20 offer.

Talk about screw around and find out. Ouch. 🤕

P.S. is waiting for you.

Rachel Maddow is a hero of mine. She also drops some pretty good Dad jokes on occasion.

Oh, yeah, Josh Hawley is a coward and a caca-doo-doo-head.

Enjoy your coffee and have a wonderful weekend.

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