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Recovery Progress

Duct Tape, fixer of all things!Back to work today! It feels great to be engaged in more than staring at the walls, sleeping, or doing PT on my own.

Speaking of PT, my physical therapist came by and worked with me at 10AM. It felt great. I’m now walking without a walker using the countertop as a guide. Up and back we go. I was a bit apprehensive to try at first, but as I got moving I realized it was going to be ok. After that we did some squats, essentially box squats using a char as the base. Those felt amazingly good.

As for range of motion I can bend my knee to about 75 degrees, which I’m fairly certain is better than my pre-op range. That’ll be at 90 degrees soon enough.

All-in-all I feel good about where things are at the moment. I did overdo it a bit today which leaves me feeling sick to my stomach, but a little rest will take care of that.

More later.