Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Stream Update

I managed to work on Stream a bit over the weekend and once again I have that ”I wish I could do this full time” desire.

I have a list of things to do a mile long. I checked my checkins — say that five times fast — and I haven’t worked on the Mac version in well over a year. Pathetic.

I did manage to get very close to finishing off a new little feature over the weekend. This feature will allow you to set the number of days Stream will keep posts. It’s a sliding scale from one to 31 that defaults to 30, because 30 is the hard coded value in the version in the wild.

I like the way it’s come together and need to fix an annoying bug that cropped up on iOS 15.5 — possibly other versions — then I’ll get a beta out the door.

A cute little monkey.For the technically minded. This bug is clearly my fault. I have a layout issue my table view cells, there are two types. It would seem that iOS 15.5 has tightened up, or changed, the auto layout engine in UIKit that exposed my bug. I say it’s iOS 15.5 but it could be all 15.x. 🐞

I’m still digging. Hopefully I don’t wait another eight months to work on it again. 😳