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Saturday Morning Coffee

NPR: “That decades-long reign of service ended Thursday, when Queen Elizabeth II died at her Balmoral estate in Scotland, at age 96.”


Espresso ShotSix Colors: “Then there’s the Dynamic Island, a stark reminder about the limits of rumors emerging from Apple’s hardware supply chain. Everyone who reported on the size and shape of the new cutouts on the iPhone 14 Pro models was absolutely right—and yet couldn’t see the forest for the trees. The cutouts were only the start of the story.”

I was only able to see a small portion of the event but it happened to be the new iPhone introduction.

They’re not too different, with one extremely cool exception. The notch has become a smaller cutout at the top of the phone and that allowed Apple to blend it into user experience. It’s called Dynamic Island and I’m trying to find an excuse to use it in my apps. 😁

Robert Reich: “I have a serious question for people who have power in America and who continue to deny the outcome of the 2020 election and enable Trump’s Big Lie: What are you saying to yourself in private? How are you justifying yourself in your own mind?”

I ask this question all the time and I think it’s because some of them actually believe it. Others are just so hungry for power and destroying our democracy they’ll do anything to make it happen.

They’re part of a cult.

LAist: “Despite calls to conserve power, California’s energy demands were at an all-time high Tuesday.”

California is a beautiful state, arguably the best state in the nation. It has a powerhouse economy, it’s the home of tech, it has beautiful cities, mountains, beaches, you name it, California’s got it.

But it also has big problems to go along with the rest. Fires rage out of control every summer, water is hard to come by, and with our new climate reality extreme heat puts huge strain on the power grid.

I miss California but I don’t miss these problems. 🧡

A lot of us believe folks like Spotify, with proprietary systems, should give their podcast like audio a different name. They’re clearly not open, don’t have an RSS feed, so they’re not podcasts.

Fast Company: “The overarching issue here is that Mastodon is trying to be too much like Twitter when it really ought to be more like Reddit.”

This is an interesting take but I don’t see it. Mastodon is a great Twitter like experience and I love having my own instance.

I’d love to see Twitter’s Bluesky effort bring federation to the system so systems like Mastodon could join it. 🤞🏼

The Washington Post: “The insurrectionists of Jan. 6 busted into the Capitol, hit police with fire extinguishers, flagpoles, bats, stun guns and pepper spray; they threatened to kill the vice president and tried to overthrow the 2020 election. And now, they want an apology.”

Each and every one of the insurrectionists needs to pay a price. They tried to overthrow the will of the people. That includes Donald J. Trump. At a minimum he should be banned from holding any state or federal office. He also deserves some jail time. Regardless, he’s a horrible person.

I Love RSS!Rukshan: “RSS is a great piece of technology that people who use the internet today are unaware of or not using. There has not been any significant development in RSS for the last 10 years, and that’s fine.”

This is a nice little piece on RSS, one persons journey back to it, and how it makes consuming articles better.

If you need an iOS Feed Reader, give my app Stream a try. It’s completely free to use and offers a tip system if you find it useful. Yes, shameless self promotion. 😃

Teen Vogue: “By that summer, Starbucks, a multibillion-dollar company, was reporting record-breaking sales, while many of us couldn’t afford to pay rent and buy groceries in the same week. It was at this point we realized we needed to take things into our own hands if we wanted anything to change.”

When I can’t find a good local coffee shop I’ll seek out a Starbucks. I wouldn’t classify it as the best coffee I’ve ever had but it’s good and satisfies. I think of them as the McDonalds of coffee, you know you’ll get a consistent cup.

Anywho, they’ve been real jerks to their workers over the course of the pandemic, as have many other places.

As a place known for great benefits prior to the pandemic it would be really nice if they could reevaluate everything they do and make Starbucks the best place in the country to work. If you want to stop unions, take excellent care of your partners.

Barn Finds: “Dodge released its B-Series range of commercial vehicles in 1948, and our feature Pickup is from the first year of production.”

It never fails to amaze me how many beautiful old cars and trucks are sitting in barns or fields rotting away. It also makes me wish I had tons of money to spend. I would become a collector. A collector and restorer of old, beautiful, cars and trucks.

I love Barn Finds.

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