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Recovery Update — Seven

It’s been just over six weeks since my knee replacement. Therapy continues and I’m surprised how quickly the human body can heal and adjust itself to changes. We’re so fragile, yet so amazingly strong all at the same time.

I’ve recently started walking without my cane. I probably could’ve done it earlier but there’s a bit of a psychological barrier to get through. Can I trust this knee to properly support me and can I do it without pain?

Anyone who suffers chronic pain will tell you they’d do anything to stop it. My brother once told me “If chopping off my arm would stop my back pain I’d do it.” Yes, it can be that difficult to live with. Luckily surgery did the trick for him as it did for me.

My knee feels great. Sure I get the occasional weird nerve twinge and the entire knee area is still kind of sore but that’s nothing, just part of the healing process. The joint itself, the thing that rated eight on the pain scale, is now a big fat goose egg, a zero. That is beyond my wildest expectations. ❤️