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NFL Europe? Yes, please.

CBS Sports

“The fact that Goodell was willing to publicly acknowledge the idea of putting four teams in Europe means it’s likely something that the NFL will give serious consideration to over the next decade. One of the biggest problems with putting a team in London is that it would be a traveling nightmare, but putting an entire division in Europe would help alleviate that issue.”

I am all for this idea. In fact I’d love to see a new AFC and NFC division. Think of the old NFL Europe teams, there were nine of them. It would be easy to make two new divisions, if the cities would support them of course.

NFC Europe Division

AFC Europe Division

And there you go. That gives you five AFC and five NFC divisions.

Since there are 17 games in an NFL season there could be a great mix of local division, local cross conference games, and a mix of travel for US based teams, and Europe based teams. They could do this.

The next question is how to you expand into Canada and Mexico?