Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Me as Twitter CEO

AHHHHHH!Elon Musk should make me CEO of Twitter.


Well, I could hardly do a worse job than he’s done. I wouldn’t run off advertisers, I’d bring the safety teams back, I’d verify all real people and companies – perhaps with a slightly different badge, and I would institute a tiered pricing scheme.

Tiered Pricing?

Yep. The tiers would obviously need to be figured out but Twitter is worth a lot to businesses, indie artist, and the famous. The pricing would most likely be based on number of followers or influence. The influence bit may be tough to gauge but there were/are plenty of smart folks at Twitter to figure it out.

Would it be better than the $8/month blue check mark? I think so. That whole scheme was an abject failure. I feel like it was obvious to everyone except Musk and his sycophant fan boys. I mean I’m not that smart and I knew someone would use that check mark to impersonate someone. The feedback I got from folks was “Yeah, but they’ll be banned.” Very true, and they were, but the damage was done by the time they were discovered and banned.

And then we get this doozie from Musk, between him and a sitting US Senator, what a knucklehead.

Dumb-dumb Elon

There is a part of me that believes Musk wants to blow this company up.