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NFL Division Round Picks

I was terrible with my picks last weekend. I went two for five! Ack! 😵‍💫

It was a real letdown to see San Diego and Baltimore lose. I was happy to see the Giants win. Poor Minnesota, they can’t catch a break.

Here are this weeks picks. 🏈

#4 Jacksonville at #1 Kansas City

Jacksonville has the youth and a great coach but I believe time has run out for the up and comer. I’ll take Kansas City. Easy pick.

#3 Cincinnati at #2 Buffalo

This is a tough one. Cincinnati got some really great breaks as Baltimore did everything possible to lose. Great teams cause havoc.

On the flip side the Bill did their best to lose to Miami but managed to pull it out of the fire.

The Bills were my pick to win it all so of course they’re my pick.

#6 New York at #1 Philadelphia

This one is tough for me. New York has been playing really great football and seeing their NFC rival for the third time this season who knows what’ll happen. Philly should be well rested and ready to roll but I’m going to take the New York Giants as my upset special.

#5 Dallas at #2 San Francisco

While the Cowboys looked unstoppable against the Buccaneers they were playing a not so great team. Tom Brady looked 45 and frightened all night. Heck I’d be terrified of Micah Parsons hitting me. The man is a one man wrecking crew.

Having said all that. The team to most fear right now is the San Francisco 49’ers. Give me the 9’ers.