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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning! I hope your coffee is strong and you’re ready to read some random links? ☕️

Spicy Mexican Coffee

The Iconfactory

While this chapter may have ended, our story is not over. We’ll continue improving our other apps, creating new apps, doing amazing design work for our clients, and posting awesome wallpapers to Wallaroo and Patreon.


We have taken everything great about Tweetbot and used it as the starting point for the future of Ivory.

I’ve been posting on this topic for a while now. Musk is a big caca-doodoo-head and shutting down third-party Twitter clients isn’t a good idea. Why? They’re much better than Twitter’s own client.

Twitter should’ve reached out to these tiny app creators and offered to work with them to include advertising in their timeline streams or offered to buy a few of them and turn each app into a unique client for various Twitter endeavors. Like one that specializes in video and one that specializes in news. Something like that. Give folks more options, not fewer. 🫡🐦

By contrast Mastodon, being a completely open platform, is flourishing thanks to third-party clients! There are so many new iOS Apps for Mastodon it’ll make your head spin. Some have been around for years and have seen a resurgence, others are brand new. They give folks options. Variety, the spice of life!

One other very important point to make. Hitching your wagon to a company that can shut off access at any time was a dangerous move. These indie devs knew what they were doing, but it doesn’t hurt them any less.

I’ve been switching between three very good clients; Toot!, Ivory (beta), and Ice Cubes. Each have something about them I really enjoy, but there are so many more just waiting in the wings.

Also, Musk is failing in many ways. Twitter is a mess and Tesla stock is plummeting. I’m surprised Tesla Board hasn’t fired him. 🔥


So maybe it’s surprising that any defense attorneys for the Proud Boys have said anything coherent, let alone incisive. Yet right there in the opening arguments, Sabino Jauregui, who is defending Tarrio, went straight at the prosecution’s weak spot: The government is putting the insurrection’s foot soldiers on trial, while leaving the man who led and directed them, Donald Trump, not just untouched by the law but running for president again. (Supposedly.)

To this I say “Duh!” Yes, that slimeball TFG should be in jail.

Here’s hoping Justice is served.

Daring Fireball

The best interfaces to Twitter, on any platforms, were all native apps on the iPhone and Mac. We’re now on the cusp of a new frontier with Mastodon, and it’s Apple’s utterly clueless bureaucratic App Store reviewers who are doing their best to lock the new playground’s gates before they even open.

John is talking about a beautiful, highly functional, Mastodon client called Ice Cubes. The Apple App Store review process can throw some really weird reasons at folks why they won’t approve an app. Stream was rejected three times because I use the word subscribe in it and they thought I was collecting money and wanted their cut. They insisted I use in app purchase for subscriptions. 😵‍💫

Short story long, Ice Cubes was finally approved and I honestly believe someone at Apple read John’s piece and fixed the situation. 💪🏼

From its humble beginnings as a personal project in the mid-90s, PHP has grown to become one of the most popular languages for web development, powering everything from small blogs to large enterprise applications.

I know what you’re gonna say, PHP is garbage. I don’t think so. It’s been used for years and years and while some folks may find it strange I think it’s a much better language than JavaScript and it continues to improve.

Ars Technica

Legislators of the nation’s least-populous state are taking a brave stand against modernity and climate action. They’re sponsoring SJ0004, “Phasing out new electric vehicle sales by 2035,” an uncomplicated bill that expresses the state’s goal to phase out sales of new EVs by 2035 and asks Wyoming’s industries and citizens to do their civic duty in resisting the EV.

These folks are just ridiculous. When the world becomes so difficult to live in they’ll all ask “What caused this.” We all know what’s causing it. Us, continuing to do things we know are destroying the planet.

Dave Rogers

But I’m conscious of the fact that what I’m doing involves writing; and I have two fears when I’m doing this, neither of which has had the good effect of compelling me to stop. I’m afraid that I’m writing badly, and I’m afraid that it’s boring.

I love reading Dave’s stuff, always have. Like Dave I started my weblog to become a better writer. It hasn’t worked but I still enjoy doing it. Keep up the good work Dave!

Support Indie Developers. That’s it, that’s the commentary.

Sam Soffes

This year was a unique year. I started the year without a job or a place to live. My house in San Francisco just sold, so I had house money in my checking account. Now what?

Great read from Sam. I’d love to become a nomad, traveling the country with Kim and our animal family in a big RV. Yes, id like to make it our full time home!

Anywho, Sam talks about his year of Van Life and it sounds so exciting.

Maybe someday.🤞🏼

Dave Rupert

So you want to make a new JS framework

Web development is still way too difficult. In 2011 I realized most of it boils down to DevOps, not the code so much. We could write, debug, and test code locally but were at the mercy of how the network was configured to make it scale. Yes, we found and fixed bottlenecks in code as we went along, but the DevOps folks were the real heroes.

Go read what Mr. Rupert outlines in his post. It’s ridiculous it takes that much to publish a new JavaScript framework.

Also, why are folks still making new JavaScript frameworks? 🤔


Regal Cinemas, the second-largest chain of movie theaters in the U.S., will close 39 locations after its parent company Cineworld filed for bankruptcy in September, according to legal filings obtained by Variety.

Cut, cut, cut!I love seeing movies on the big screen, always have, but the new realities of COVID-19 have made me a very cautious person. I’ve seen two movies in theaters since the pandemic hit, both at very quiet times for a theatre.

It is sad to see our Charlottesville Regal hit by the closures. It is a really nice theatre.

Tiny Apple Core