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Saturday Morning Coffee ☕️

Good morning!

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, I just did it for the first time ever. I just made a full pot of coffee, like I normally do, but this time I forgot to put in the coffee grounds! That’s right, my coffee starved brain made a pot of hot water.😳🤣

I hope your pot is full of piping hot coffee. Enjoy the links. ☕️


Former US President Jimmy Carter will begin receiving hospice care, according to a statement from The Carter Center on Saturday.

I know he’s considered a failed President but he was a wonderful human being who helped so many after he left the Presidency. A true humanitarian. A man who gives you hope for our future as a nation and a species.

When the time is right, God speed, Mr. President.


An onset of severe weather across the West Coast has spawned unfamiliar wintry conditions at higher elevations, particularly over mountainous areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, where up to a foot of snow may pair with 80 mph winds, the National Weather Service said.

I’m sure we’ll hear the final outcome of this event soon enough but I lived in California most of my life and I never saw anything close to this.

Need to check with my brothers in the San Joaquin Valley this morning. 🥶

New York Times

President Biden made a surprise trip to the capital of embattled Ukraine on Monday, traveling under a cloak of secrecy into a war zone to demonstrate what he called America’s “unwavering support” for the effort to beat back Russian forces nearly a year after they invaded the country.

I’m happy to know we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to Ukraine.

Слава Україні. 🇺🇦

Live Science

Astronomers have spotted a runaway supermassive black hole, seemingly ejected from its home galaxy and racing through space with a chain of stars trailing in its wake.

I mentioned this earlier in the week on Mastodon. My mind was completely blown away by the thought of a massive black hole zooming across the galaxy dragging stars along with it for the ride. Stars. 🤯

Brent Simmons

From time to time a NetNewsWire user lets me know that they’d be happy to pay for the app or add to a tip jar. The answer is always the same: we don’t take money, but here’s how to support NetNewsWire.

Brent is one of my Mac heroes. He’s done it his way his entire career. And now with a small group of volunteer developers they’ve made the best NetNewsWire ever, and it’s completely free. Like really free. Not free as in beer. Free as in I won’t take your money even if you insist.

I may get a few comments saying “But Rob, that’s a competitor!” It’s not. Stream comes nowhere near it.

Thanks NetNewsWire team. You’re amazing! ❤️

Fox Sports

There is no amount of logic than can explain why Eric Bieniemy is here, moving on to another offensive coordinator job instead of being a head coach. Nothing can make sense of why he’d want to leave, or feel he’d have to leave, the Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the instability of the Washington Commanders and their quarterback uncertainty.

I thought for sure Eric Bieniemy was going to land a head coaching job after another amazing run with the Chiefs.

The only thing I can come up with is he’s been promised the Commanders Head Coach position after next season and the Commanders are playing it close to the vest.

That’s all I got. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thomas Ricouard

This is the first article in what I hope will be a long series of stories about the making of the [Ice Cubes](…] app. This article will focus on what the app is, the general story behind it, and an overview of the codebase.

Another really amazing open source project and fantastic Mastodon client. It runs on iOS, iPadOS, and Apple Silicon based Macs. I’m hoping we’ll see a focused effort on the Mac in the future, but if we don’t, that’s fine.

Go check out this opening piece of multiple pieces on the app and its codebase.

Oh, and it’s all SwiftUI, which makes for a great proving ground of the language because of typical needs of a social media app. 🧊


Adobe shares fell as much as 5% in extended trading following a report that said the U.S. Justice Department is planning a lawsuit to block the company’s $20 billion acquisition of startup Figma.

So many folks were concerned with this acquisition early on. The typical fears of every acquisition of your favorite software by a gigantor corporation. Fear of them screwing it up.

So what happens to Figma if the deal falls through? What kind of harm will be done to them?

So many designers at WillowTree use Figma, it’s an extremely important part of their daily workflows. 👩🏽‍💻

Los Angeles Times

There simply won’t be enough water to sustain present irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley.

The sad news for our nations food supply continues. I’d imagine the price of our favorite fruits and vegetable will sky rocket and less and less are produced.

As they say in the San Joaquin Valley [“Food grows where water flows.”(<> 🍊

NBC News

WASHINGTON — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called for the U.S. to be separated by red and blue states and for a shrinking of the federal government in a tweet on President’s Day, the latest in a string of controversial statements from the two-term congresswoman.

Ugh. This gal is just begging for Civil War. Hey, GOP, get her under control or you’re going to burn our nation to the ground.

Who needs to import terrorists from Al-Qaidah when we have home grown terrorists like Green. 💣

WillowTree Engineering

WillowTree is an organization that has absolutely exploded with growth over the last 7 years, since I started here as an intern in 2016. At the time, we were at about 150 people in the entire company, and now we’re eclipsing 1,300.

We have grown by leaps and bounds, even while the pandemic was in full swing. This piece by Paul Klauser and Andrew Carter is an interesting look at their new roles and the need to create an entire new job category at the company.

Both are seasoned software engineers, down in the trenches, Senior Staff Software Engineers at WillowTree. Paul on Android and Andrew on iOS.

I’ve worked directly with Andrew and he is hands down one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with and the best iOS developer I’ve ever worked with. He’s also a mean banjo and fiddle player. 🪕

Anywho, check it out!


The train derailment just outside East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3 is a continuing nightmare not just for folks in the community but for all of the communities which share water systems down stream. Like most industrial incidents, employees on the ground issued constant warnings that something like the disastrous derailment would happen, only to be ignored.

What a mess. A bonafide disaster that will affect folks in the region for years and years to come.

Be prepared for cancer clusters to pop up.

I really hope the government puts pre-Trump restrictions and regulations back in place and we get better infrastructure and train technology to prevent future disasters. 🚂

Washington Post

Dozens of companies there took part in the world’s largest trial of the four-day workweek — and a majority of supervisors and employees liked it so much they’ve decided to keep the arrangement. In fact, 15 percent of the employees who participated said “no amount of money” would convince them to go back to working five days a week.

Yes, I want a four day work week. I’d love to have that third day to focus on Stream. How selfish of me!

But, seriously, I’ve started to talk with folks at work about how I’d like to semi retire at some point by moving to a three or four day work week. I don’t see that happening for a number of years, but we don’t have anything in place at WillowTree to accommodate part time work for folks who would normally “age out” and retire but want to continue working. I’d like to keep my brain challenged with work, make a little money, have more freedom, and retire from working at around 70. 🤞🏼

American Exceptionalism at work! 😂

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