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Saturday Morning Coffee

Kolby decided it was time to get up at 5:45 this morning and since our granddaughter is visiting it was best not to try and convince him to go back to bed. 😂

Bring on all the coffee! ☕️


In 2006, when DeSantis was there, it was one of the worst times at Guantánamo. The administration, the guards, all of them were the worst.

DeSantis is more dangerous than Trump. He had a higher IQ and he’s managed to single handedly turn Florida into the absolute worst state in the nation.

How do these folks get into politics? 👹


Bluesky, the Twitter alternative backed by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, has hit the App Store and more testers are gaining access. Though the app is still only available as an invite-only beta, its App Store arrival signals that a public launch could be nearing.

From the screenshots in the article it looks a lot like Mastodon to me, but the account names are slightly different. On a Bluesky server my handle would be instead of @fahrni@curmudgeon .cafe. It’s a matter of a single character.

More importantly it’s just like Mastodon in that here is no single authority or silo controlled by a corporation, as is the case with Twitter.

Are they late to the party? Perhaps. 🤷🏻‍♂️

New York Times

The drugmaker Eli Lilly and Company said on Wednesday that it would significantly reduce the sticker prices of several of its lifesaving insulin products that are used by diabetes patients and whose prices Lilly has repeatedly increased in the past.

It’s about time. Shame on them for taking advantage of folks who need this medication to survive.


Apple Inc. has abruptly shut down one of its retail stores in Charlotte, North Carolina, after the mall where it’s located suffered at least three shootings in recent months.

This is kind of scary. Three shootings at a mall in recent months. Who can blame them for closing it down?

We are a uniquely violent nation. Violent with lots of guns. 🔫

Formula 1

American automotive giants Ford have confirmed their intention to make a Formula 1 comeback when new engine regulations are introduced in 2026, meaning another chapter will be added to the American organisation’s rich history in the sport.

This makes me extremely happy! I wish Haas was using Ford engines since they’re an American team, but you can’t go wrong with the hottest team on the grid. 🏎️

Associated Press

Dilbert comic strip creator Scott Adams experienced possibly the biggest repercussion of his recent comments about race when distributor Andrews McMeel Universal announced Sunday it would no longer work with the cartoonist.

Flat out racist! He should be shunned but he has a friend in Elon Musk and I’m sure the white supremacist wing of the GOP loves him. 👎

9 to 5 Mac

Now, Kuo reports that Apple has restarted iPhone SE 4 development, which will be the first iPhone to include Apple’s in-house 5G modem.

I wonder if Apple is considerering this a replacement for the iPhone Mini?

It looks like it’ll be a really nice phone.

Business Insider

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin of Musk’s automation ambition came in early February when Mercedes-Benz received the first-ever certification for Level 3 driving automation — designed to require human intervention only in severe conditions — on public roads in the US.

Musk seems to have too much on his plate. He’s destroying Twitter and neglecting Tesla. 🚗


Ukrainian soldiers astonished the world last year by stopping Russia’s assault on Kyiv, liberating over half of the territory once held by Russian occupiers, and thwarting Putin’s attempt to overthrow President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine’s democracy. By providing weapons and economic aid, the U.S., NATO and other democracies have played a critical role in helping Ukrainians achieve these victories.

I hope we continue to support Ukraine and they defeat Russia and Putin once and for all.

Associated Press

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a bill that gives him control of Walt Disney World’s self-governing district, punishing the company over its opposition to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law.

More of this guy. He’s wrecking Florida.🐊

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