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Jesus was woke

What is woke?

A wonderful bouquet of flowers.Woke is compassion
Woke is kindness
Woke is diversity
Woke is understanding
Woke is listening
Woke is humanity
Woke is love

For all Christians, please understand Jesus was woke.

For all MAGA’s, please understand you cannot use your religion as a cudgel to control people. The former President you worship is not God or ordained by God to be supreme leader. He’s a grifter, a conman, nothing more.

For all white supremacists, you are not better than everyone else. Non whites have been around a lot longer than you.

For the GOP, why do you hate women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community? How folks live and believe is their business, not yours. If you believe God doesn’t want you to have abortions or be gay, fine. Believe that all you want but leave everyone else alone. Controlling people through a government based on religion is called a Theocracy . It’s not good. It’s not Democratic. It’s not what our founders intended. The First Amendment protects our right to a religion of our choice, which includes the freedom to not have one. Don’t force your, often misguided, beliefs on others.

Having Christianity be the religion of the country would make us no better than Iran or any other theocracy.