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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning! 🌄

We had a super soaker of a Friday so it looks like I’m not doing yard work today. Maybe I should haul my dumpster bike out and work on it, work on Stream, or maybe sit on my butt and watch TV all day? Decisions, decisions. 🤔

Better let the coffee do its job. ☕️

Rush Blog

Rush’s Signals 40th anniversary box set officially releases today and is now available for purchase via this link, or via Amazon and other online retailers.

The Rush geek in me wants this, now.

I’ve mentioned it before, Signals was one Rush album I ran into the ground. It was in my portable cassette player all the time. I’d listen to it on the bus or walking around town. It’s a magical album for me.

Also, 40 years? I’m old. 😳 Blog

I’m pleased to announce that a preview of the future of Foundation is now available on GitHub!

It’s nice to see Apple continuing to push deeper and deeper into Swift. I’m very interested to see if Swift will ever become a first class citizen on Windows. That might make getting Stream onto Windows quite a bit easier. Of course bringing the underlying bits to Windows is much easier than wrapping all of WinUI 3 in Swift.

The one downside is its dependency on the Swift 5.9 toolchain which is still in development.

The Mary Sue

After being shouted down by Republicans while trying to debate a harmful anti-trans bill, Zooey Zephyr has again come into the GOP’s crosshairs. But this time, they are not willing to listen to anything she has to say. And to ensure that, they have banned her from speaking on the legislative floor.

Oh, Montana GOP, why? Why do y’all have to be so cruel? Believe it or not our country is made up of a diverse set of people. No, all Americans don’t have to be white cis folks.

Try as you might to eliminate Zooey’s voice, you’ve just amplified it on the national stage.

GitHub Blog

In this blog, we’ve compiled some important tricks and commands that every developer should know from GitHub’s own engineers.

Knowing how to use a terminal — shell — is important for every developer. I love having beautiful UIs to help me do my work but sometimes it’s just a lot quicker to type.

New Republic

Washington State Bans AR-15 Sales: “No Reason Other Than Mass Murder”

Welp, that headline says it all. Assault weapons were made for killing large numbers of people. It’s time we have a nationwide ban on them again. If you want to play with guns join the military. At least they’ll train you how to use them.

The Verge

Apple’s App Store can stay closed but developers can link to outside payments, says appeals court

Emphasis is mine. Even though Apple is being forced to allow outside payments you and I know they’ll still want their cut. Instead of they’re usual 15-30% cut they’ll take 27%. It’s what they did in the Netherlands for dating apps. Don’t expect anything less here in the States.


Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner, who was wrongfully detained in Russia for possessing vape cartridges containing cannabis, said Thursday that she would no longer play basketball abroad unless it was for the U.S.

Here’s hoping Ms. Griner has a long happy life free of that kind of nightmare.

The Hollywood Reporter

Dune: Part Two is coming into focus, with filmmaker Denis Villeneuve and stars Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya showing off a new trailer for the Warner Bros. and Legendary sequel at CinemaCon Tuesday.

BRING ON PART TWO! Look, this thing better be epic given Mr. Villeneuve felt the need to split it in two. The first installment was a wonderful film but definitely left me wanting.

It’s been so long since I read the book details have faded and I’ve honestly forgotten how it ends. I can remember the ending of the 1984 version but I don’t remember if it held true to the book?

I enjoyed the ‘84 version and I hope the new one blows it out of the water. ⏳


By 2018, the city and Ford Motor Company were ready to tell another story. That year, Ford announced that it had acquired the station and the area surrounding it, a monument to the kind of transportation past that the automaker and its manufacturing brethren had all but killed.

Detroit was such a beautiful city at one time and it’s great to see Ford invest in its recovery given cars helped destroy it.

I wish I had a bunch of time to go explore the city and its burnt out neighborhoods and buildings.


CNN has parted ways with longtime host Don Lemon. The announcement Monday came without explanation and astonished the media industry.

This caught me off guard as I’m sure it did many others. I hope MSNBC picks him up. 😃

Also, another “news” organization fired their white supremacists “talent.” Good riddance.🫏

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