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We are a Disgusting Nation

Horrible take on weapons of war from Megyn Kelley. Not a surprise. Just disgusting.

What a horrible take. On the left we’d been saying the same thing about abortion “Oh give up it’s the law of the land.”

Well, the GOP took a very long view and kept at it to overturn abortion. Some shenanigans from the evil — but brilliant — Mitch McConnell and the GOP was allowed to get three lying Supreme Court judges through. Yes, they’re liars and I believe at least two of them are wholly unqualified. Heh, not to mention how corrupt some are.

Anywho, we need to keep hammering away at guns. Overturn the second amendment and put in super strict gun laws to lower mass murder in the United States.

Oh, and if it’s a matter of mental health then why can these “mentally ill” people get their hands on weapons of war? Nice try, assholes. The weapons are the problem.

Wow, I wrote about this less than a year ago and we’ve done nothing.