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Don’t put Terrorists on TV

Watch out! It's a blog fly!The Hollywood Reporter

The following morning, Licht was aware of the backlash and social media furor when he addressed the reaction to the town hall on CNN’s editorial call, audio of which THR obtained. “We all know covering Donald Trump is messy and tricky, and will continue to be messy and tricky, but it’s our job. We’re going to do it fairly, toughly and aggressively — as Kaitlan did last night,” Licht said, in part. “I absolutely, unequivocally believe America was served very well by what we did last night because it laid bare and created, in the words of Joe Scarborough, ‘a political earthquake,’ and that people woke up and they know what the stakes are in this election in a way that they didn’t the day before. And if someone was going to ask tough questions and have that messy conversation, it damn well should be on CNN.

First off you don’t put terrorists on television and let them lie their asses off about everything they’re asked.

Second, CNN you didn’t ask tough questions, you got the orange asshole a little upset but if you’d asked actual tough questions he couldn’t cope with it and would’ve walked off the set.

Next time, Mr. Licht, use a more senior interviewer who’d hold his feet to the fire by letting him use his own words.

You should call Kara Swisher.