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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning!

Spicy Mexican CoffeeI hope everyone is having a splendid morning. I began composing this post while my coffee was brewing. My cup is now in hand. That means the old noggin will wake up so I can finish. ☕️


This morning, I was shaken to learn Heather B. Hamilton (formerly Heather Armstrong) aka Dooce is no longer with us. I learned the news from a post to her Instagram, confirmed by several friends after and then the Associated Press, announcing the tragic news that she died yesterday at the age of 47.

I think this caught most of us off guard. Dooce was one of the folks I followed in my early blogging days and was very influential to blogs in general. She wasn’t just a Mommy blogger.

RIP Heather. 🧡


Donald Trump has just been found liable for sexual battery against journalist E. Jean Carroll.

Good for E. Jean Carroll. I’m glad she made a large withdrawal from the bank of Trump. The man clearly doesn’t respect women, he doesn’t respect anything, except maybe Putin.

I hope more women come forward for their day in court now. This man deserves to be shamed at every turn so normal people see what a disgusting human being he is.

Cars are so darned expensive. I have no idea how anyone can afford a new one. Kim and I have purchased one new car in our 35 year marriage and she took it back a week later because she didn’t like it. The car was $15,000.00 out the door.

Good thing she took it back. It was a Saturn. 😆

WPE WebKit Blog

In the previous post in this series, we explained that WPE is a WebKit port optimized for embedded devices. In this post, we’ll dive into a more technical overview of the different components of WPE, WebKit, and how they all fit together.

I’m a sucker for articles about porting software and making it run on many platforms. This piece is a 30,000 foot view of WPE and a short read if you like this kind of stuff. Plus it has a nice little diagram. Always a plus in my book. 🖼️


A Texas man, 22, was arrested on Wednesday evening for fatally shooting his 26-year-old girlfriend for traveling to Colorado to get an abortion, the Dallas Morning News reported on Friday.

Texas is full of absolutely insane people packing guns on their hip.

Look, a woman’s body is hers and hers alone. Sure you could ask, even beg, her not to get an abortion if you’re the father of the child but ultimately it’s her body, her choice.

Your choice is to stay and support her decision or walk away.

This man chose to take her life and destroy his. Poor choice dude.

Republican politicians love to say we have a mental health crisis that causes these senseless crimes. Why is Texas so full of mentally unstable people with guns? Texas needs better leadership or we should boot it out of our Union. 🤬

Ned Batchelder

At work, we work in GitHub pull requests that get merged to the main branch. We also have twice-yearly community release branches, and a small fraction of the main-branch changes need to be copied onto the current release branch.

It’s surprising how powerful git is. Ned has put together a great little guide for how one might cherry pick their commits.

There are so many ways to manage code changes and branches. This is one of many and worth your time to read if you’re a developer of software.

Oh, and it has beautiful diagrams to illustrate what he’s talking about. 👨‍🍳💋

Rolling Stone

CNN Is Hosting a Town Hall for a Guy Who Tried to Get Me Killed

This piece is by Officer Michael Fanone. Mr. Fanone was one of the Capitol Police Officers tasked with protecting the Capitol on January 6th and had a front row view of the violence of that day.

He’s right, CNN shouldn’t provide a stage for a domestic terrorist. TFG should be tossed in prison and disqualified from holding public office, but no, we’re gonna let him run for President again know full well he’ll destroy our democracy if he wins.

Officer Fanone is lucky to be alive. 🍀

Pixelfed is the Fediverse version of Instagram. Like Mastodon it doesn’t have a corporate master and anyone can host their own server.

I’m not sure why Instagram would see it as a threat, but here we are. 😂

The Next Web

The UK bank analysed its internal customer fraud data between 2021 and 2022. It found that the Meta-owned sites and apps account for a whopping 80% of all scam cases within its three biggest fraud categories: purchase, impersonation, and investment fraud.

I have a feeling Mark Zuckerberg was thrilled when Space Karen took over Twitter because it’s been such a mess nobody is talking about how terrible Facebook is.


How I accidentally breached a nonexistent database and found every private key in a ‘state-of-the-art’ encrypted messenger.

Buyer beware. Companies can make claims about how awesome their technology is and it could be janky. This is a prime example. It looks like the company is lying to hide their flaws or maybe they don’t know what they’re doing?


Students at Carroll High School announced last week they would be putting on an independent production of the play canceled by administration earlier this year.

These kids had their school play shut down because it included a non-binary character and a gay couple.

This is the world we live in and we can choose to love people for who they are, not shame them.

This will, of course, go down in history as a head scratcher in future generations. They’ll wonder why we were so stupid to be so afraid.

Apple Press Release

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple today unveiled Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad.

I’ll be interested to know how many Audio and Video Professionals make use of these new apps. Hopefully we will see some great reviews from folks who actually do this kind of work.

I love their pricing. Yearly for $49.00 US or $4.99 per month US. It’s great because you can subscribe for a month and try it out. If it works for you great! You can subscribe for a year. If not you’ve lost $4.99. Not bad.

I’ve decided if I ever get around to writing my next app I will be using this pricing model. It should allow for constant updates throughout the year and no need to worry about batching up a bunch of big features for that big one time new version sale.

Tiny Apple Core