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Sadness and Loss

The Daily Progress

Charlottesville-based tech company WillowTree laid off roughly 12% of its workforce on Wednesday, bringing an end to years of rapid growth

A wonderful bouquet of flowers.Yesterday was a really tough day at work. For the first time in WillowTree’s history (at least I think it was a first?) we had layoffs. Don’t worry, I was fortunate enough to make it through but many of my friends and colleagues did not. Economic forces finally caught up to us. 😔

In total 120 trees lost their jobs. That’s about 12% of the company. If you’ve never gone through something like this it’s very surreal to hear from a friend who’s just lost their job. That immediate “NO!” Is followed by all the stages of grief. You may even get survivors guilt.

By afternoon it was over. Today those of us who remain will try to get some work done.


I will no longer be an Associate Engineering Director. As part of the reorganization I’ll go back to being a full time Staff Software Engineer. I’ll still get to build teams and work on technical solutions for clients, I just won’t be doing the more business side of things, which is fine with me.

I hope to put together a list of folks I know, who are all extremely good at what they do, so someone looking for extremely good folks can hire them.

I’m just happy to have a job. ❤️