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Disqualify Him


Washington (CNN) — Prominent conservative legal scholars are increasingly raising a constitutional argument that 2024 Republican candidate Donald Trump should be barred from the presidency because of his actions to overturn the previous presidential election result.

DUH! Right? I mean, the guy has been indicted of several apparent crimes, egged on a coup attempt and is just a vile, corrupt, human being.

So, the big question in my mind is, who is going to stop him if these legal scholars agree he’s not eligible? Do it go to a vote in Congress? Good luck there. The GOP say they believe this is a political witch hunt — they don’t really believe that — and the voters should choose. The voters DID choose. They chose to oust him in 2020 but he did his best to remain President.

If this man becomes President he’ll go full authoritarian, punish his enemies, drag the nation down, outlaw gay marriage, make being gay or trans punishable (or at least turn his back to oviolence), and never leave the White House.

Hell, I wouldn’t put it past him to shoot someone in the middle of the road on television.

We do need to face one reality. This man will not go to prison even if he’s convicted of a crime. Our justice system is not equal. The rich and powerful have a different set of rules. Rules that put them above us commoners and for some reason the President of the United States has a special set of rules above and beyond that. That is insane. The President is a temp job at best. The President is supposed to be a public servant, not a king or god.