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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Boy oh boy did I make a mistake last night. I stayed up until after midnight, Gracie woke me up at 3:30 to go out, then again at 5:30.

So, yeah, I need all the coffee this morning.

I hope you enjoy the links!


Photoshop maker Adobe’s (ADBE.O) co-founder John Warnock died on Saturday aged 82, the company said in a statement early on Sunday.

Another legend gone.

R.I.P. Mr. Warnock.

Akela Lacy • The Intercept

A little over a week after a prosecutor in Georgia indicted former President Donald Trump for trying to overturn the results of the state’s 2020 presidential election, Republicans said they will use a new law to remove her from office.

I don’t understand the GOP. It’s clear the Orange Man is a criminal and needs to be brought to justice but their need for power overrides all else.

I’d expect violence to escalate if any of his cases are dropped.


Kevin Purdy • Ars Technica

Dominic Szablewski grabbed that code before it disappeared and set about creating a version that’s not just a port. He rewrote the game’s rendering, physics, sound, and generally “everything everywhere.” He documented the project, put his code on GitHub, and has some version of a justification.

I haven’t looked at the code and probably never will but it would be interesting to see the diffs.

Something I learned a long time ago. Don’t be quick to judge others code. Someone else is eventually going to look at your code. Be kind.

The Onion

Texas Cancels School Over Concerns Extreme Heat Not Safe Environment For Shootings

I know it’s The Onion but I can believe Texas would do something like this.

Ben Lovejoy, Michael Potuck, and Filipe Espósito •

But yesterday, we learned that it had happened. Apple not only made a U-turn, supporting a Californian right to repair law it had previously opposed, but even went as far as actively endorsing it.

The only reason I can see for Apple’s 180 is they’ve discovered a new way to make a profit by doing it.

Vjeran Pavic • The Verge

The computer on Keegan McNamara’s desk is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The machine sits on a light wood table, bathed in the sunlight coming into the second floor of McNamara’s Los Angeles house. McNamara, tall and blonde in jeans and a light khaki Carhartt jacket, walks over to the desk, sits down, and reaches over to hit the power button. Then he pauses. He forgot something. He digs into his pants pocket, pulls out his keys, picks a silver one, sticks it into a cylinder just to the right of the computer’s 8-inch screen, and turns.

I like this. A marriage of the warmth of wood and the cold of technology.

Annie Palmer • CNBC

Amazon is seeing some employees quit instead of moving to a new state as part of relocation mandate

I’m pretty sure we all knew there’d be a reckoning, even with return to office being unpopular.

Microsoft Excel •

Since its inception, Microsoft Excel has changed how people organize, analyze, and visualize their data, providing a basis for decision-making for the millions of people who use it each day. Today we’re announcing a significant evolution in the analytical capabilities available within Excel by releasing a Public Preview of Python in Excel.

This is a head scratcher. Excel has had a great language and IDE built in for years and years. It’s called Visual Basic for Applications and it’s truly great. In fact we had VBA integrated into Visio and you could do amazing things with it.

WillowTree Blog

Generative AI is transforming how we do business. But early adopters have discovered that large language models (LLMs) can occasionally provide responses that are out-of-left field, off-brand, heavily biased, or just plain wrong. The industry has termed these types of completions: hallucinations.

Developers, don’t let your LLM do drugs.

Strange Loop

Programming languages often prioritize either performance or ergonomics. Swift offers a unique modern type-safe low-ceremony approach taking the best of both worlds that scales from mobile apps to high-performance systems where previously memory-unsafe languages would be used. It also interoperates seamlessly with C and C++.

I’ve been waiting to hear about a high performance use of Swift. I expect we’ll see Swift make its way into an OS level component of macOS some day.

Dan Morrison •

Hamlin went beyond picking a few crashes at the Coke Zero Sugar 400. In fact, he thinks NASCAR is going to have a crash fest on its hands, as he explained on the Actions Detrimental podcast.

This is the final weekend to make the playoffs and there are a few folks on the bubble. If the Xfinity race last night was any indicator of what’s to come tonight could be a real mess.

Tiny Apple Core