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The Musk Files: Antisemitic Space Karen

Ashley Belanger • Ars Technica

Outcry over antisemitic content on X (formerly Twitter) continues as the White House condemns a post from X owner Elon Musk and IBM halts advertising on the platform after a Media Matters report showed one of its ads was placed next to pro-Hitler content.

Since purchasing Twitter we’ve seen the real Space Karen emerge. The hateful, antisemitic, homophobe, transphobe, racist, asshole has displayed his full colors.

How in the world does Tesla continue to employ this man? I supposed you have to look at the board and assume they share his hateful, white supremacist, views?

You’ll soon know who shares his hateful nature by what companies remain as advertisers on X.

Apple has famously remained an advertiser on X and I’m extremely disappointed in that. To abhor hate is not a bad thing. It’s time for everyone to stop advertising on X.


A friend pointed out after I published this that Apple has indeed postponed advertising on X. It’s about darned time. 👍🏼


Apple is pausing all advertising on X, the Elon Musk-owned social network, sources tell Axios.