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Trump, the Orange Idiot

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Advancing a sweeping interpretation of executive immunity, Donald Trump’s attorney told a federal appeals court on Tuesday that U.S. presidents could not be prosecuted for selling pardons or assassinating political rivals through SEAL Team Six

Does Trump’s lawyer understand what a stupid precedent this would set. 🤣

So, if this is true and Justices agree with the arguments laid out by Trump and his lawyers are found to be consistent with the execution of Presidential duties and immunity for the same, Joe Biden should order the CIA or FBI to execute Donald Trump and his entire family.

See how stupid that argument is? I can’t stand the Orange Man and his spawn but assassination of a political rival would plunge this country into chaos and absolutely tear us further apart. It would certainly plunge us into a new Civil War.

It would, however, achieve Trump’s goal of destroying democracy and get rid of an asshole in a single action.

But let’s not do that. Let’s beat the asshole at the polls and send him to serve some time in the clink. That is the American way.