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NASCAR Engineering?

I’d love to see a website — perhaps NASCAR itself — dedicated to the engineering of engines, frames, driver cockpit, and safety, among other things.

They could have a YouTube channel and blog for it.

Here’s a case for you. A nice deep dive on power trains, which teams have full manufacturer support and who doesn’t get a darned bit of help. I’m super interested in that.

The Hendricks Engine Building team (don’t know the exact name) just celebrated their 500th win! Profile them!

Duct Tape, fixer of all things!Another thing I’d love to see torn down is the process of creating the Next Gen car. Did y’all know every NASCAR race car has the same frame and shares many of the same parts? That’s incredible to me! It means they’ve leveled the field somewhat, see my question about manufacturer support. Yes, some teams have more resources than others but NASCAR fields the most competitive races of any major racing series. Well, them and IndyCar. I like that they make it more about the driver.

How about some driver profiles? Thirty minutes on each driver and looks into the daily life of the crews supporting the teams. Hey, they have drivers who haul all the race equipment and cars to the tracks. Talk about an important behind the scenes job! Profile all the people!

Anywho, just some random off season thoughts.