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NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks


Browns over Texans

I’m a Bears fan but there are other teams I semi-support. The Browns are one of those teams. Heck, I like the entirety of the AFC North. It’s like loving the entirety of the NFC North, AKA, the Black & Blue division. Both divisions have super tough teams and players. Anywho, go Browns!

Dolphins over Chiefs

This is one of my bold picks this weekend. The Chiefs, arguably, have the best player in football, but the Dolphins are up and coming and are primed for a win.


Bills over Steelers

I’m also a closet Bills fan. I think the older I get the more I enjoy watching the game and it’s less about supporting a single team. The Bill’s have been so close for so long.

Packers over Cowboys

The Cowboys have a difficult time winning after the regular season. I don’t see why this year is any different.

Lions over Rams

The Detroit Lions look really good under the leadership of Dan Campbell. I’m hoping they can go all the way but that’s a tough row to hoe.


Buccaneers over Eagles

Another emotional pick. The Bucs have been playing really great football of late and the Eagles look a little vulnerable. But, never count out the reigning NFC Champion.