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Apple to abandon San Diego for Texas? 🥴


Apple is relocating a team of around 120 people focused on improving Siri in San Diego to Austin later this year, according to multiple affected employees.

Hmmm, let’s see, San Diego or Austin?

Is that even a serious question? Look, I’m sure Austin is a nice place but have you ever been to San Diego? Yeah, it’s a paradise and while I’m certain Austin is a great city, with great people, it’s in Texas.

Yes, Texas. The place with a nutty Governor full of politicians who hate women and want to control their bodies.

Apple should leave Texas. If you want a cheaper place to live you could always choose Fresno, CA. I’m sure it would have a similar feel to Austin and is an affordable place to live.

And if they relocated to Fresno they’d be really close to the mother ship in Cupertino. It’s a win-win. Get out of Texas and be closer to HQ.

You’re welcome! 😁