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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Espresso ShotWe finally got a bit of snow this week! Temperatures have remained low all week and we got a bit more snow Friday morning. Lovin it! ❄️

We have our grandkids this weekend so this post will be abbreviated.

NOTE: Super abbreviated. I’m skipping my usual commentary. I hope you enjoy the links.


Since people are now posting social media updates on a system that is a lot more decentralised than twitter once was, I was interested in knowing where these instances are hosted to see just how decentralised it really was!

Corey Atad • Defector

I Can’t Stop Watching ‘Tenet,’ And I Finally Know Why

Molly White

Migrating from Substack to self-hosted Ghost: the details

Dominic Gates • The Seattle Times

When the Boeing 737 MAX 9’s side blew out explosively on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 Friday evening, a 15-year-old high school student was in the window seat in the row directly ahead, his shoulder beside the edge of the gaping hole.

DAVID SEGAL • The New York Times

The guys in Bad Dog, a folkie duo from Washington, D.C., weren’t hoping to get rich off the album they recorded this summer. David Post and Craig Blackwell have been devoted amateurs for decades, and they’re long past dreams of tours and limos. Mostly they wanted a CD to give away at a house party in December.

Jacob Stern • The Atlantic

When the writer Ryan Broderick joined Substack in 2020, it felt, he told me, like an “oasis.” The email-newsletter platform gave him a direct line to his readers. He did not have to deal with the chaos and controversy of social media. Substack was far from perfect, he knew—COVID conspiracies flourished, and on at least one occasion, trans writers on the platform were doxxed and harassed—but compared with the rest of the internet, he found the conditions tolerable. Until they weren’t. On Wednesday, he sent out an edition of his newsletter titled “It’s Time to Leave Substack.”

Ron Amadeo • Ars Technica

NFL fans weren’t particularly happy about having to sign up for some random streaming service to watch a playoff game, but that didn’t stop many people from actually signing up, with Nielsen logging 23 million average streaming viewers for the game.

Chance Miller, Benjamin Mayo, and Ben Schoon • 9to5Mac

Supreme Court upholds Apple vs. Epic ruling, Apple must allow app developers to link to other payment systems

Tiny Apple Core