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MAGA’s are all liars


Nearly a third of Republican caucusgoers told pollsters that Trump would not be “fit” for the presidency if he is convicted of a crime — a sizable defection that, if it held, would likely doom Trump’s general election chances

Look, the GOP is full of lying white supremacist nationalists. They’d vote for the lying-rapist-insurrectionist no matter what that orange sack of crap says.

I don’t believe it, nor should you. Vote. That’s all we can do because even if his orangeness is convicted of one or more crimes he’ll be allowed to campaign and possibly win. If he wins his federal convictions will be overturned. I have no idea what happens in Georgia? Perhaps he has a few political rivals knocked off, or just ignores court orders to report to jail and lets the Secret Service and his cult followers to protect him.

I fully expect Civil War of some kind to break out after the election no matter who wins. That is the saddest thing of all and I hope I’m so wrong and everyone calls me an idiot for saying it.