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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Cold EspressoIts been a busy week at the day job. We’ve been working on some new stuff due to go out the door soon. I’ll be working over the weekend doing some testing to help wrap up our sprint.

I also managed to drop a new Beta of Stream this week. I haven’t heard anything positive or negative about it, but I also haven’t checked to see if anyone has installed it. 🤣

I’m hoping I can put a nice bow on this release soon. 🤞🏼

Evan Hurst • Wonkette

He’s just trying to warn us all. Be careful what you wish for. If you put Donald Trump in prison for massive crimes he committed while in office — the ones he’s indicted for involve plotting to overthrow the literal fucking Republic in order to stay in power after he lost re-election — then it just stands to reason that Barack Obama will go to jail and George W. Bush will go to jail and Crooked Joe Biden will go to jail.

Our Republic is 246-years old. We’ve had 46 Presidents in that time. Never had a President tried to overturn the results of an election. Until The Orange Menace arrived on the scene.

He’s a narcissistic rapist with authoritarian tendencies whose only pursuit is his own power and wealth at the cost of everything else.

He’s a master manipulator who projects his every mistake and crime on others.

He doesn’t deserve immunity from his crimes. The President is not above the law and it’s high time he’s held to account.

The sad thing is, if he becomes President again, all of his crimes will be swept under the rug and our great 246 year experiment will end.

If he loses? He most likely goes to prison.

Molly White • Citation Needed

Attempts to create alternatives have all failed, he says, before going on to describe several projects that are very much still in use, such as the RSS and ActivityPub protocols, or federated social media projects like Mastodon. RSS is dead, he repeats endlessly throughout the book.

I listened to Dixon on a recent episode of the Pivot Podcast and he seems somewhat disconnected from reality about certain things. Like his insistence RSS and other open protocols are “dead.” He sounds like a man trying to shoehorn solutions into web3 and blockchain.

Can someone explain to me how blockchain is going to replace my RSS feed and somehow make it better? I’m serious, I don’t get it, and maybe I should?

Anil Dash

You’ve heard the call to action at the end of nearly every podcast you’ve ever listened to: “Listen to us on your favorite podcast app”, or in the phrasing of podcaster extraordinare Roman Mars, “…wherever you find podcasts”.

Podcasting is a prime example of an existing — “old” — technology working perfectly to keep an entire ecosystem out of the hands of the VC’s and BigCo’s. Sure, VC’s and BigCo’s can have podcasts and podcast networks, but so can a nobody like me with the ability to record my voice, make an MP3, and make it an attachment to an RSS file.

Heck, chances are you’re reading this via my “dead” RSS feed.

Brent Simmons

Why NetNewsWire Isn’t Available for Vision Pro

Brent is a pretty pragmatic fellow and his reason for NetNewsWire not supporting Vision Pro are spot on. If you don’t have the hardware to support the effort, don’t risk making a poor product or experience for your users. Even if it’s open sourced and free.

John Calhoun

Tom Dowdy was a software engineer at Apple back in 1995 when I was still writing Macintosh games in Lawrence, Kansas.

Really nice story from a longtime Apple employee about the man who put his faith in him and hired him.

It also has a nice icon in the article with a nifty Easter egg. 🐣

Shannon Liao • Inverse

Disney Buys A $1.5 Billion Stake in Fortnite Maker, Plans for New Game Universes

Is this Disney’s foray into the Metaverse? It has such interesting intellectual property and we know they’re making content for Vision Pro. What are they really up to? 🤔

Casey Newton • Platformer

Within days, Bluesky was home to both Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Dril. It wasn’t clear what Bluesky was for exactly, but most people there seemed to be having a good time, and that was enough to convince more than 3 million people to at least try it.

I have a Bluesky account, I mean, of course I do. I love me some Twitter-like social media. I also have a Threads account. For me, however, I’ve found Mastodon more to my liking. I have great conversations on Mastodon and I’ve been there since 2018, at least (I was on a different instance way back but I forgot which one. 😂)

I use Threads because the few famous people I like to follow are there and I can’t find them here, which is a real drag, but that’s how it is. If Threads ever federates I’ll happily follow Threads folks on Mastodon.

As for Bluesky, a lot of the folks I followed on Twitter have settled there, so I’ve followed a few I can’t find elsewhere.

One thing I really love about Bluesky is being able to use my own domain to identify myself. I’m there.


Rajah Caruth to drive Spire Motorsports’ No. 71 Chevrolet full-time in Truck Series

I couldn’t be happier for Rajah. He’s one of my favorite Truck Series drivers and he lost his ride at the end of the 2023 season. I’m happy to know he landed at Spire.

Evan Martin

Cross compiling Rust to win32

Looks mighty painful to get cross compiling working, but once you’re done I’m sure it feels good.

If you’re interested in using Rust for Windows development you can get language support right from Microsoft.

Frank Morris • NPR

The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, and Gerard DeCosta, a construction worker who lives in Hawaii, says that may have something to do with him.

Believe in curses? Sports folks are prone to believing them. This is a great story and good for a laugh.

I’m taking the 49’ers this weekend but according to this article they don’t stand a chance. 😆

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