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Viticci’s Monster

Federico Viticci • MacStories

MacPad: How I Created the Hybrid Mac-iPad Laptop and Tablet That Apple Won’t Make

AHHHHHH!I may call it a monster in the title but this is a fantastic idea for a device in my opinion. I love that it has both iPad and macOS operating systems and both chipsets. It is after all just an iPad bolted onto a MacBook Pro bottom.

I can see a little cottage industry springing from this. I envision a top cover that fits the laptop perfectly and includes an intelligent dock, or tray, for the iPad to slide into. That intelligent dock would also provide a way to plug directly into the back of the MacBook complete with a hinge so you could close it and it would look just like a laptop from another manufacturer.

The dock would also need a way to provide power and a USB-C connection so Sidecar wouldn’t require a network connection to operate. When docked the docking system would autodetect it and fire up a session into the Mac and display it. I’m not sure how that would work, but it would be amazing.

When detached you could close the lid and use it in clamshell mode, hooking up a full size display, keyboard, and mouse.

This is the perfect device. ❤️