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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Had a rough night last night and we have our grandkids for the weekend so this post will be brief.


Herb Sutter

tl;dr: I don’t want C++ to limit what I can express efficiently. I just want C++ to let me enforce our already-well-known safety rules and best practices by default, and make me opt out explicitly if that’s what I want. Then I can still use fully modern C++… just nicer.

C++ continues to improve and grow as a language and it’s nice to see folks talking about safety. 👍🏼


A former Boeing employee known for raising concerns about the firm’s production standards has been found dead in the US.

Apparently he told a friend “if I die it’s not suicide.” Yikes!

This is how conspiracy theories get started

Manton Reese

Today we’re introducing a new feature: blog recommendations. This was inspired by recent interest in bringing back blogrolls, including posts from Dave Winer, his service FeedLand, the recommendations feature in Ghost, and feedback from users asking for new ways to discover people to follow. It’s a way to curate a list of favorite sites to link to from your blog.

There’s a new — old — trend coming to your blogging system: Blog Rolls. The first iteration of this site had a blog roll back in 2001.

What’s old is new again!


iPulse for iOS/iPadOS literally creates a movie of what’s going on inside your device and updates it every second. You can resize the display to fit well on your screen, or slide it out of the way completely. We were careful to use minimal system resources, such as CPU (3% usage) and memory (only 1 MB in size), while making the video.

I haven’t picked iPulse and I don’t know if I will, but it looks really interesting.


NASCAR Cup Series drivers eager for return to concrete at Bristol

I watched the Bristol race last year at this time and it’s what got me excited about NASCAR.

I wish they’d stay on dirt for the event. It was really fun to watch.

Daring Fireball

App Store WTF of the Week: DealMachine for Real Estate

How in the world did this get by App Review? Heck, I’ve had my app rejected for using the word BETA as an alternate icon name. 🤣

Drew Magary • defector

Derrick Henry Is Here To Remind The Ravens To Run The F*cking Ball

I’ve always liked hard nosed running backs and Derrick Henry fits the bill. I hope he has a great season as a Baltimore Raven.

Tiny Apple Core