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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Espresso ShotLife is just flying by. Another week in the books.

I’ll be helping Kim paint the kitchen today. Should be an adventure. 👨‍🎨

Jeffrey Zeldman

Sure, watches that tell you when you’re walking unsteadily and pocket computer phones that show you the closest pizzeria are swell, but were you around for ResEdit?

Unfortunately I wasn’t a Mac user during the ResEdit days but I do know a lot of folks who had fun with it, does that count? 😃

David Ingram • NBC News

Elon Musk’s X is a thriving hub for Nazi support and propaganda, with paid subscribers sharing speeches by Adolf Hitler or content praising his genocidal regime.

Shocked! Surprised! Said no one hearing this. I really don’t know what else to say. He’s a garbage human.

Benjamin Sandofsky

An ex-Apple designer who went on to startup success once told me, “I wish I could give a workshop for Apple jumping into startups, to help them un-learn The Apple Way.” I think Apple makes some of the best products in the world, and I strive to build products with their level of craft and quality, so it pains me to admit that The Apple Way can destroy a lot of startups. Which brings us to Humane.

I have yet to read anything positive about the Humane Pin. It’s not such a bad idea to be able to talk to a device you’re wearing. I’ve had an Apple Watch for years and years, that’s the device to talk to. Siri could use some work but I have a feeling that’s already happening.

John S. Tobey • Forbes

Sell Trump Media Stock (DJT) Now - An Implosion Is Likely

I feel bad for all the folks who believe so much in Trump that they invested their entire life savings in a company poised to fail. There’s a sucker born every day and if Trump is good at anything it’s grifting.

Jimmy Cook

A React Native app is made up of two sides, the JavaScript side and the native side. The native side could be Objective-C/Swift for iOS or Java/Kotlin for Android (not to mention the other platforms for React Native like web and desktop). The React Native Bridge allows the native code and the javascript code to talk to each other. Without the bridge, there is no way for the native code to send any information to the JavaScript code and vise versa.

I’ve been working on a React Native project that integrates into an existing iOS and Android app. We’ve created ways for our React Native developers to use the native iOS and Android code to do work for them and allow them to navigate between React Native views and Native views. There’s definitely more work we could do to improve on what we’ve started but it’s in a decent position.

We’ve already released some React Native based work and will be rolling out more soon.

I’m having a blast!

Devin Meenan • /Film

Jaws' Most Famous Improvised Line Was A Not-So-Sneaky Dig At Studio Producers

This is a fun little read. Make sure you take the time to visit. It’ll only take a minute of your life.

Ellis Karran,Richard Madden • BBC

When they removed the wooden panel, it revealed a large slab of stone featuring a carving of the Lincoln Imp.

How cool is that!

I hope they find more interesting relics around their home. Let’s hope they’re not cursed. 😆

Alexandra Sternlicht • Fortune via News+

But with the House voting in March to force ByteDance to sell its stake in TikTok, 11 former employees interviewed by Fortune tell a vastly different story. Many of those ex-workers, four of whom were employed as recently as last year, say at least some of TikTok’s operations were intertwined with its parent during their tenures, and that the company’s independence from China was largely cosmetic.

This gets more and more interesting by the day. I was against forcing them to sell and I still think it’s a bit heavy handed.

Is there a way to regulate them to make sure American citizens data remains on servers here in the States?

We know Apple had to hand over the keys to iCloud in China. Could that be done here?

It’s above my pay grade and I’m sure someone much smarter than me could give me the lowdown. In the meantime I’ll keep watching from the cheap seats. 🍿

Haela Huntress • Metal Sucks

Maynard James Keenan may be a 60-year-old man ranting against cell phones, but he actually might have a point on this one, at least somewhat.

I like that he does this. When I went to Aftershock in 2019, and Tool closed out the festival, there didn’t seem to be any rules around cell phones. As soon as their set opened it was cell phones up from front to back. I was so tempted to take one away from the dude in front of me blocking my view. Yeah, I was pissed off but managed to keep my cool. It sucked looking around that thing all evening but in the end I got to hear some amazing music.

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