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Will Democracy Survive?

Huffington Post

Former President Donald Trump’s attorney on Thursday argued that a president could order the assassination of his political rival and stage a military coup without being prosecuted for it.

How have we arrived here? One man is single handedly doing his damnedest to unravel American Democracy to placate his narcissism and for some reason nobody wants to tell him he can’t do it.

I just don’t get it.

For 240+ years we’ve managed to exist as a nation without having a President use the Office as his own corrupt money making scheme.

Now, here we are, at the Supreme Court waiting for a tiny group of people to make a decision that could destroy everything we have, all for one man.

There is an upside to this, I suppose? If the Supreme Court decides the President has full immunity and President Biden is willing Trump could be stopped.

I’ll leave it there. Let your mind wander on what that solution might be.

If Trump isn’t stopped now he’ll use that unchecked power in unimaginable ways. Political rivals will mysteriously fall from high rise buildings, die of poisoning, or be thrown in prison.

He’ll rule until he’s hauled out of the White House in a body bag and pass the reins to Bevis or Butthead or some other crony.

Uncle Sam

Vote for Democracy. Vote Joe Biden 2024.

UPDATE: Apparently Craig Hockenberry is thinking along the same lines as I am. Yeah, the Supreme Court needs to be very careful.

They really should just say “The law applies to everyone."