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Mega Ultra Smart Meta Employees

Ryan Peterman, via LinkedIn

They are so rare that most people don’t work with them directly, but their work is highly visible.

Just say no to MetaThe thing that stands out to me is Meta has all these absolutely amazing people working for them and what exactly do they work on? New ways to extract personal information or track people around the web?

It’s too bad they’re wasting their talent at such a horrible company.

If I were that talented I would, unfortunately, be tempted by a $3mm per year salary. Thing is, I kind of doubt that entire $3mm+ is entirely salary. It’s probably some mix of salary, benefits, bonuses, and stock options. That’s how Meta keeps their talent I suppose, those golden handcuffs are tempting.

To quote the Tool song, Hooker with a Penis:

All you know about me is what I’ve sold you, dumb fuck I sold out long before you’d ever even heard my name I sold my soul to make a record, dip shit And then you bought one

Yes indeed. I suppose we’re all Hookers at some level.