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Orangeman would never leave

Paul Krugman • The New York Times

There’s a very real possibility that if Trump wins in November it’ll be the last real national election America holds for a very long time. And while there’s room for disagreement here, if you consider that statement to be outrageous hyperbole, you haven’t been paying attention.

A lot of folks believe this, including me. He refused to leave after he lost in 2020, contested the results in multiple states losing 60 complaints brought before courts, and started an insurrection to stay in office.

What makes you believe he’d leave peacefully after serving a second term?

I don’t believe it for a moment. He wants to be a dictator and change the face of American Democracy.

He wants to lock up his political rivals.

Sound familiar? That’s right. His hero is Vladimir Putin. He wants to be just like his hero.