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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Cold EspressoWell, it’s been kind of a slow week on the project front. Sure, we’re still plugging away and the React Native devs are actively adding new features. I’m spending most of my time fixing the occasional bug that crops up and working on performance stuff, which is always fun. I love doing this type of work.

Chris Cameron • The New York Times

Former President Donald J. Trump has in recent days been escalating his suggestions that he could prosecute his political enemies if elected in November.

Defeat him at the polls and be prepared for a shitstorm and massive temper tantrum if the Orangeman loses.

Gabriel Ludosanu • Xojo Blog

You’re building a fantastic Xojo application that needs to connect to the internet, grab data from websites, or send information to web services. This is where HTTP requests come in. They’re the language your application uses to talk to the web.

I’ve mentioned my love for the BASIC language many times over the years. Xojo is a cross platform development environment with a very modernized form of BASIC.

I’d put money on it being much easier to learn than Swift and Xcode.

Swift is 100% not a beginning programming language.

David Revoy

In all these years, I have never seen the GNU/Linux distribution landscape regress so far away from our needs. It is almost impossible to find a distribution where you can professionally run and set up our most basic tools: Creative software, graphic pen tablet, color calibration. And I tested a wide range of GNU/Linux distributions to make this guide! The choice we have in 2024 is super limited.

It’s kind of sad to see Linux get worse for professional artists.

Any time now it’ll be the year of the Linux Desktop. 🫠

Kevin Turong • The San Francisco Standard

Billionaire entrepreneur Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish-born CEO and founder of Chobani, the country’s largest producer of Greek yogurt, has purchased the brewery and its 2.17-acre Potrero Hill home.

This is super nice! I’m so happy for beer lovers everywhere and especially beer lovers in San Francisco. A legend is reborn!

Seamus Hughes • Court Watch

A YouTube influencer is facing federal charges for shooting illegal fireworks from a helicopter at a Lamborghini doing donuts on federal land. On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in California filed charges against Alex Choi for “causing the placement of an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft.”

I watched a clip of the video and it’s a pretty darned fun video. It’s also my understanding he’s a real jerk and karma ultimately catches up with folks like that.

Bill Emory

Sources speculate the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed north on Franklin. At an estimated 80 mph the car blew through the stop sign , mowed through vegetation, went up the 45% incline, jumped the railroad tracks and was stopped suddenly on the north side of the embankment by a 12″ diameter tree.

This happened not far from WillowTree’s Woolen Mills HQ!

Can you imagine what a wild ride that must’ve been? 😳

Garth Edwards • Every

Don Estridge broke all of Big Blue’s rules to create the home computer. The company would never forgive him for it.

I love finding stories like this! Computing history I hadn’t a clue about.

Brian Holmes • KTVB

She said when he wouldn’t take it she dropped the book at Superintendent Derek Bub’s feet. She believes it may have added more fuel to the fire.

Good for Ms. Jenkins! I’m sure the nutball district is full on MAGA and doesn’t want folks to read the book the MAGA GOP is using as their blueprint for a new America.

Andrew Cunningham • Ars Technica

Windows Recall demands an extraordinary level of trust that Microsoft hasn’t earned

I’m still not sure how to feel about this. Hey, as long as I can turn it off I don’t think it’s that big an issue.

And, yes, I’d turn it off right away. Don’t want it, don’t need it.

Heck, if I get another Windows box I don’t really care to have a Microsoft login. Having access to the computer with a local login is good enough for me.

Victoria Song • The Verge

Starting today, Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users will be able to monitor their real-time blood sugar data straight from an Apple Watch.

I linked to this because WillowTree was involved with the G7 project for quite a while. I was part of a team that worked on a prototype app. It was a super fun project and one of my favorites!

Summer Lin, Joseph Serna, and Alex Wigglesworth • Los Angeles Times

As heat wave envelopes California, 14,000-acre Corral fire burns in San Joaquin County

California, and the San Joaquin Valley in particular, have been fighting high temperatures all week. Over 100 is not uncommon but it doesn’t usually happen this early in the summer.

I use an app called Watch Duty and there are fires burning all over California. My notifications have been firing multiple times a day.

California fire season is in full swing.

Michael Foster • Patchwork

Faced with the challenge of how to respond to the increasing enshittification of the web, and fuelled by a night out with Flipboard’s Mike McCue and Mastodon’s Eugen Rochko, Casey Newton of Platformer laughs and says:

This made me think about a post the week from Mastodon creator, Eugen Rochko:

I should be able to follow #Cara users from my Mastodon account. You can’t convince me to make yet another account in a yet another silo, but I’d love to see and share more art in my home feed. - Eugen Rochko

I would also love to see this and I believe we’re making good headway.

Talk about a platform that allows flowers to bloom!

Juli Clover • MacRumors

The Apple Vision Pro can be used as a display for a connected Mac, but it is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. The Spacetop G1, a new laptop from former Magic Leap employees, promises to solve those problems by pairing a computer with a set of lightweight AR glasses that look more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

I really hope these folks can pull this off. Even if they do I’m sure every Apple blog will pan it for not being as good, or better, than Vision Pro.

If they can pull it off it’ll beg the question: Why couldn’t Apple do it?

I’ll be keeping my eye on this story.

Spyglass • M.G. Siegler

As a kid, I wasn’t in the Pepsi or Coke camp (I liked both about the same), I was fully in the Dr Pepper camp. It was different, sort of weird, like me. One New Year’s Eve I drank so much of it that I got pretty ill and was worried I would have to go to the hospital. Those were different times. As are these, apparently!

It’s kind of crazy to see Dr. Pepper take over second place. I’m a Pepsi fan, always have been, but I have family who are into Dr. Pepper, so I guess it shouldn’t be that big a surprise.

I’m sure Pepsi is doing just fine.

I wonder if he knows of what is now called Dublin Dr. Pepper? The original Texas born Pepper.

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