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Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

It’s been an interesting week at the Fahrni household. Kim and Taylor are visiting family in California and I’m holding down the fort. There are of course benefits to this, I can eat whatever I want. But, there are also downsides. I can eat whatever I want. Needless to say, I’ve done a horrible job of eating the right things, the healthy things I should be eating. 🍔🍟🍕🍰🥧🍦

Richard Goldstein • The New York Times

Willie Mays, Baseball’s Electrifying Player of Power and Grace, Is Dead at 93

Perhaps the best to ever play the game. RIP.

Mansee Khurana • NPR

Donald Sutherland, who starred in more than 200 movies and TV shows, died Thursday in Miami, Fla., after a long illness. He was 88.

We’ve all seen Donald Sutherland in movies and perhaps you may not be able to name many?

The films I most remember him in were Space Cowboys, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Salem’s Lot.


Sinem Akinci • Microsoft C++ Team Blog

This blog post was written in collaboration with Philipp Jeske and Rainer Bauereiss, a software engineer and a software engineering lead we worked with to deliver on these improvements, who shared their story and experience with C++ development while adopting Visual Studio 2022.

Neat interview with a couple engineers from Bosch about their use of Visual Studio in a cross platform environment.

I’m so jealous of this! I’d have loved to have had this in 2005 or even 2009 while working at Pelco.

I used vim, KDevelop, and eventually settled into Eclipse while working on our Linux products. Windows was easy, we used Visual Studio.

Heck, I’d have loved to have had VSCode at that time! 😃

Reading this article brought back some great memories and made me want to ask Bosch if they needed any old crusty C++ devs. 🤣 I do miss it.

Microsoft Cash Cow.

Rain Noe • Core77

If you’ve worked in structural package design, you may have noticed recent changes to Starbucks' cups for cold drinks. If not, here’s a look at the new design features, added to make baristas' lives easier.

While it may seem mundane or boring to some it’s not to me. There is a designer living inside me, but he sucks. At least with sites like Core77 I can live vicariously through amazing designers of all kinds!

There is one glaring problem with these Starbucks cups. Know what it is? Yes, they’re made of plastic. How in the world can we divorce ourselves of it? 🤔

Filipe Espósito • 9to5Mac

Apple this year announced a series of changes when it comes to the App Store in the EU, as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) antitrust legislation came into force in March. However, the European Commission doesn’t seem satisfied with the changes Apple has made. For the EU, Apple has some “very serious” issues with not being fully compliant with the new legislation.

Well, it sounds like Apple may be at the “find out” part the ever popular statement “F*ck around and find out.”

Of course I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Will I participate in another store? I kind of doubt it. 🍿

Daniel Golson • Jalopnik

Do You Think Honda’s $15,000 Electric Kei Van Would Actually Work In America?

I don’t know but this is the sort of pricing we 100% need here in the States if we want to get folks to buy electric vehicles. I’d buy a lesser expensive electric car for commuting — if I had a commute — even if it had a 100 mile range. I could charge at home and at work. ⚡️

Nick Hodges • InfoWorld

Software developers started having to think not only about how the program was going to get the job done, but also about how the user was going to interact with the program to get the job done. It became clear that a good user interface was something that would sell more software.

This is one of those things that bothered me about web apps. They’re all over the place as far as UI design goes. With native Mac and Windows apps you at least expect, and get, a certain amount of consistency across applications. 👨🏽‍💻

Allan Rose Hill • Boing Boing

The team members decided to spend the night in the cells of D Block. However, one of the fellows was a loud snorer so they banished him to crash in the room where mughots were once taken. The next morning, they found him, and his gear, outside the room.

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

It makes me want to go spend the night there to find out what’s going on.👻

Mark Moran • UPI

Excavation unearths cherries in cellar of George Washington’s Mount Vernon

This is pretty nifty. I wonder what else they’ll eventually find? I love American history, the good and bad, and have often thought of becoming a History teacher or historian.

I wonder what those dissolved cherries taste like? Probably really disgusting. 🤣

Dave Winer • Scripting News

One of the cool things about the way I designed FeedLand internally is that there are various levels of feed stuff. If you want to start over at any level, you can, and today I’m doing exactly that. But first here’s the stack

A little insight to Dave’s FeedLand service stack.

Andy Kalmowitz • Jalopnik

The Tesla Cybertruck is possibly the most look-at-me vehicle on sale today with its bizarre shape and stainless steel bodywork, but what if you wanted something that stuck out from the crowd even more (in a bad way)? Well, folks now is your chance to do just that, because I’ve just stumbled upon the most attention-seeking Cybertruck to date. Listed for sale in Lincoln, Nebraska is a completely polished Cybertruck. Who knew the center of Hell was Nebraska?

I personally don’t see the attraction to the Cybertruck. I’d imagine they’re mostly purchased by macho men and Space Karen fanboys.

Of course I’d never own one but I will admit I kind of like the way this highly polished version with aftermarket wheels and tires looks. Way better than the factory mess Tesla ships.

It’s gonna be dangerous as heck on the road. Can you imagine getting hit in the face with the glare off of one of these? 🪩

John Gruber • Daring Fireball

By My Count Trump is Batting .900 on the Ten Commandments

Yeah, the Orange Menace couldn’t tell you the Ten Commandments much less live by them. He’s a fraud when it comes to religion, just like he is at everything else.

Kelly Crandall • Racer

Gene Haas to continue in NASCAR with new Haas Factory Team in 2025

This is good news for NASCAR fans, I think? When Stewart Haas announced their closure folks thought there’d be four charters up for sale. Now it looks like the Cup side will be reduced to one team and the Xfinity side will retain both of the existing teams.

I’m really interested to know which team and charter will they keep? E.G. It could be the four car with a different team and driver.

That still leaves three Cup charters and drivers looking for new homes.

I’d love to see these charters go to new homes and see their drivers go with them. I’m especially curious about where Josh Berry and team land. He’s had a good rookie season and he has a legendary Crew Chief. 🚘

UPDATE: I guess we know where Chase Briscoe is gonna land. 🤣

Chase is currently a Stewart Haas driver. Guess he’s going to Joe Gibbs Racing.

Samuel Axon • Ars Technica

Business Insider claims it has seen internal Dell tracking data that reveals nearly 50 percent of the workforce opted to accept the consequences of staying remote, undermining Dell’s plan to restore its in-office culture.

Dell employed an interesting tactic and it kind of didn’t really work.

So, if you choose to work remotely you’re basically stuck at your current job and salary. It turns out 50% of the company was fine with those terms.

Travis Gettys • AlterNet

A former U.S. Supreme Court clerk cast suspicion on the lengthy delay by justices in rendering a decision in Donald Trump’s immunity case.

This doesn’t surprise me given what we’ve been hearing about the court recently.

The thing in most concerned with is their upcoming decision on the Orange Menaces claim he has full immunity. Apparently some group of judges are leaning toward a limited set of immunities for the President. That seems insane to me, unless it only applies to Presidential duties. The Orange Dude didn’t commit his crimes as part of his official Presidential duties. They were the selfish acts of a cruel, narcissistic, rapist, felon.

Besides, the justices need to be really careful. If they give free rein to Presidents the Orange Dude may mysteriously disappear, and if Dark Brandon were behind it, well, wouldn’t that be something.

I know it’s pathetic of me to say stuff like that but at this point I’m hoping the guy just goes away never to be seen again. I don’t care how.

Charles R. Davis • Salon

The story, in a way, is that there is any story at all: On Thursday, two sources told The New York Times, in effect, that every liberal critic of Judge Aileen Cannon — every legal analyst who says she has mishandled Donald Trump’s classified documents case, displaying incompetence and prejudice — is absolutely right.

This judge is something else. By all accounts she has no clue what she’s doing, unless of course she really does and it tilting her decisions to Trump.

In other words, Cannon’s own colleagues are openly talking about her bias and inability now that both have been ably demonstrated in case that still has no trial date, a year after she was assigned it, largely due to the fact that she has agreed to hold hearings on just about every issue raised by the defense. On Friday, even outside right-wing attorneys will be given time in the courtroom to argue that it was actually illegal for Smith to even bring the case.

I keep hoping the 11th Circuit will replace her. Regardless, Trump won’t see trial before the election so she will have achieved her goal.

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