Rob Fahrni

Rob Fahrni

Saturday Morning Coffee

Cold EspressoIt’s quiet. The puppies and kitties have all been fed, my coffee has finished brewing and its in my mug cooling a bit.

The week started terribly. I managed to pick up some kind of stomach bug. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but Kim got it as well and she didn’t have any of the food I thought cause the problem. I haven’t tossed my cookies in years and years. 🤮

The end of the week is not shaping up great. I’m leaning against a heating pad as I write because my creaky back is threatening to go on strike. Can’t let that happen.

Oh, the knee you ask? It’s doing really well! 👍🏼

Time to drop some links and my terrible take on them.

Hope you enjoy your coffee and the post. ☕️

Sketch: “Here at Sketch, we’re super proud to be an independent design tool — just as we’ve been for the last 12 years. And in those years, we’ve seen a lot of change in the industry — and more design trends than you can shake a realistically-rendered leather icon at.”

The big tech news this week was Adobe’s acquisition of Figma for $20 billion big ones! Wowzer! That’s a lot of greenbacks.

So, why the link to Sketch? Well, there’s usually a split between folks over what this means for the acquired product. Some instantly start looking for a replacement, others are happy with the idea.

If you’re now in the market for a replacement product you should consider Sketch. It’s a beautifully designed, full featured, native Mac App. That’s right, it’s native. That means better performance and better use of system resources. Bottom line? It’s not a system hog and it gives you everything you need for great collaborative design.

Figma: “Today, we’re announcing that Figma has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Adobe. This has been in the works over the past few months and I’m so excited to finally share this news with the world.”

Seattle Times: “WILKESON, Pierce County — The doorknob at The Carlson Block is a little tricky in that it only opens if you turn it a certain way. This causes first-time customers to step a little to the left and peer in the full-length window to ensure that this wood-fired pizzeria in the middle of nowhere isn’t just a figment of the imagination.”

I love pizza. There, I said it. I know I could eat it every day and never grow tired of it. In fact I did it two weeks back because our local pizza joint said they burned our pizza so they made us another and offered us the “burnt” one. It was perfectly fine. 🤤

Anyway, I have to add this one to the list of places to eat that we’ll never actually get around to doing. 😂

The Verge: “We’ve got a whole new Verge for you today. Radically new. Sometimes you just have to blow things up and start over.”

I like the new design.

Marc is a friend, amazing software developer, and all around good man. Please, check out his app, Captionista.

He spent a lot of time building a beautiful, darned useful, application for placing captions on video. I’d love to see him be wildly successful.

Daily Mail: “Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman bragged of receiving classified US intelligence from Jared Kushner and using it as part of a purge of ‘corrupt’ princes and businessmen, can disclose.”

But of course Jared sold MBS secrets. Wonder how many TFG did? “It can be hard to know what to make of Apple TV+, the ambitious, high-gloss film-and-television streaming arm of a nearly $3 trillion consumer technology giant. Apple is both the largest company on earth and has positioned itself as an eventual HBO rival, partnering with Richard Plepler and churning out prestige series like Severance, The Morning Show, and Ted Lasso, which won four Emmys last night. Last year, Apple was the first streamer to win Best Picture, for CODA, beating Netflix to the punch.”

I personally watch a ton of shows on HBO Max, it’s definitely my favorite of the streaming services, but Apple has some great shows. Severance was amazing and so was Slow Horses, oh, and I’ve loved what I’ve seen of Ted Lasso.

When I say I prefer HBO Max that could change in a heartbeat if another streaming service started offering content as broad and rich as HBO. They just have the better catalog.

Oh, and is The Mosquito Coast coming back?

Robert Reich: “Yesterday, Donald Trump threatened that if he is indicted on a charge of mishandling classified documents after leaving the White House, there would be ‘problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before,’ adding ‘I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it.’”

If this lawless man isn’t indicted what do you think is going to happen? Nothing?

There will be rioting in the streets and a corrupt man will become President and end the longest lasting Democracy the world has ever known.

Indict him.

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